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eh man just downloaded the emulator and im trying to run need for speed underground, menu works fine but frame rate drops as soon as i start a game.
my computer specs are:
intelcore i7 4810
8gbs of ram
nvidia gtx870m graphics card
any tips on how to speed things up for games in general? like configuration layouts and stuff
thanks :D
No matter what custom resolution i try i cant get rid of the black lines! ive tried all your custom resolutions :(
Wow i actually figured out whats causing it. the custom resolutions do work but for some reason when nvidia hack is enabled the custom resolutions still contain the vertical lines. maybe this is something you guys are not aware of. i cant play any games without the nvidia hack or else i get weird stretching outside of screen so this really sucks. Please reply i would like u to test this.
It's an nvidia driver bug, nothing we can do about it.
Hopefully it doesnt occur when i build my desktop. Im using a gtx 880m (laptop) right now. Maybe its just their mobile gpus. Ive seen many recent videos of people not using the hack with current nvidia gpus and no screen jumping.
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