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+PCSX2 Can you please use your internet magic and upload "marc ecko's getting up" ?
looking good, but can the emulator run the super robot wars z game ?

I have never seen a video of anyone running it smoothly.
+LacyBeee Yo Getting Up Works on PCSX2 almost 100%
But it is also on PC and you can use xpadder to set controls.
+sadomasothebest How the progress of Emulating MGS 3 Subsistence ??? Last time i checked it 3-4 months ago it was slow and some graphical texture bugs present in it!!!
+UltimateGameTactics Russia
I had very smooth gameplay almost through whole game, but at the end of the game I changes some options in pcsx2 for playing other games and I cant fix it now, mgs works slow but it shows 60fps - looks like 10fps
+UltimateGameTactics Russia
some textures looks also like 16 bit, and none of option in pcsx changed it, ps2 ver looks better, even when you turn on antialising and other texture boosters
There is no texture booster. You can use scaling to render the game at higher internal resolution (x2-x6) and it looks ridiculously better than the PS2, as you can also see in this video. 2D elements can only be mildly filtered so not much of a change there. If you get false FPS readings, turn down speed hacks.
I do not useing speed hack, I cant't fix MGS3 fps rae after I changed  graphic plugins avx-r to sse4 (better graphic and do not tell me its not true) because in GT3 I spotted BIG graphic bug between those 2 plugins
Some instruction sets might have bugs others don't, but in terms of image quality they are the exact same.
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