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A devices security and user privacy focused Android project
A devices security and user privacy focused Android project

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Dans le cadre d'une enquete pour le projet Protektoid, nous avons mis en place un court questionnaire.

Le but in fine est d'enrichir l’écosystème de Protektoid Community (

Toute contribution au projet est la bienvenue :)

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good evening.

You should get a new update today: apart from more explanation and helps, the main feature on this new version consist in having the capacity to flag pemissions that you do not like yet can not disable as "don't like".

You can find an explanation about that on the application page. Just go on settings and click on "enable showcases" then go back to the application page. We will post a Blog explanation next week about that too.

Please, let us know what you think about this new feature!

Check also for more explanations about the features.

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Protektoid bug bounty program for the NDH is ready. You will find all the information regarding our participation on
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Hi all.

Version 1.4 will be released today.

Some minor wording will be fixed.

Major improvements are:

a) we now let users know permissions that can not be denied (network for instance) due to Android framework with a specific icon on the app page, to improve the user experience
b) a security updated has been added for anonymous users, to limit potential information discovery by guessing or retrieving your android_id

to benefits from this second feature, you have to follow the following steps. Sorry for the complication here...
1- if you are anonymous user and do not care to lose your current settings, just uninstall and re-install the app once the version 1.4 is ready

2- if you are logged in user but want to benefits from this feature later on, uninstall, re-install and log in again.
please, let us know if you perform this action so that we can monitor the status of your device

3- if you are anonymous and do not want to lose your settings, you have to log-in once no matter what
- log in and wait couples of hours (we will remove this latency in a next release)
- uninstall, re-install the app
- log in again and log out
et voila!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us out!

A new release of the app is planed for today 6 pm. it will be build version 14.
Included features are:
- adding showcase on the app page
- force showcase re-display (once) on settings, next time you open any app

goal of the showcase is to quickly explain the app page features as it may be otherwise complicated. a how it works video is planed but first, the show case.

Show must go on!

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Yes we did it! beta testing is finally there. Please, join our beta-testing community and you will be able to then install Protektoid in beta.

we are waiting for you!
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