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.∫friends please install Aether to install free-form free-speech ( / ‪#‎cryptoempathy‬ ‪#‎emfosec‬

What is Aether? Aether is an app you install to your computer to connect to Aether network. This network is made of different boards (forums) where people post and discuss things. On the surface, it's fairly similar to Slashdot, Metafilter, Reddit, or any other community site on the Internet.
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"#racism is like #money " —+William Pina

...and  #bitcism  *is* money...
Racism is like money. It changes hands. It shape-shifts and finds itself a new carrier, a new account, a new way to express itself in changing times, but it never actually disappears. Suppressed racism is no less real than money in a savings account, but rest assured, suppressed racism always has a way of telling on itself—sometimes in the most despicable, hurtful, and shocking ways.

Before I dig into why a group of white University of Oklahoma college students from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, clad in tuxedos and ball gowns, so giddily chanted about "hanging n*gg*rs from trees" let me clear—racism is dangerous. It's not funny. It's not just words. It's not kids being kids. It's not playful. This is shit is real and it's dangerous.

Racism is the fundamental dehumanization of an entire ethnic group. This dehumanization has consequences. When college students on a bus chant about not letting n*gg*rs into their fraternity, but instead "hanging them from trees" it not only reveals the heart of those singing it, it gives us a real clue into how easy and even joyful it is for them to imagine lynching. If we choose to ignore the clues that people give us about how they feel about our humanity, we bear at least some of the weight of the consequences

Money, during a bad economy, doesn't actually disappear, it just moves around into different hands and different acco...
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#Bitcism Wow finally has one non-cis-trait character in their banner. Many aliens do exist for performative gender and sexual identification scenarios. How much effort to realize empathy that maybe we need ABCLGBTQRSTUVWXYZ porn? Maybe if we stare at the same thing it will resolve our feelings? #FeelsLimited   #FornFactor #FornFitting #Forn
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#EmpathyMovement ? #EmpathicDetermination ? #HonestDetermination ? "Honesty is subversive" (as I was reading from's whitepaper[*]). Equally 'Empathy is subversive' as well. To explicitly call empathy revolutionary is interesting. If we want to begin the sentence with revolution, that raises the stakes of proof-of-empathy.  #ProofDetermination ? #ProofofEmpathy ?

Maybe raises it to stable ground. To explicitly declare empathy per change on record. #EmpathyOnRecord ?

"Today's democracies are still struggling to fulfill democracy's promise of equal consideration, and the claim I will defend is that they can do so most fully by giving empathy a central role in democratic decision-making. " — /

Proof-of-existence of empathy, is revolutionary. That formula is present, accountable, and expressive beyond precedent codity of votes.


(from my original comment @

[*]Factom Whitepaper:

Inspired in part by +Center for Building a Culture of Empathy and Compassion & +Edwin Rutsch researching and developing #OccupyEmpathy  et em ef cet sec erra...
What name resonates with you for the Empathy Movement? A lot of people I find have a negative reaction to 'Occupy Empathy'. People have given various...
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Sometimes it hurts to make sense but that is okay, and aware.∫/(_ #EmpathicDetermination #TraumaDetermination #Hurtermination #Bitermination  
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Just counting how deep?
The Guardian quotes Matt Pearce as saying: Remember that in Ferguson, there are huge, huge, huge numbers of outstanding warrants. More warrants than residents. Is this true? How could that be
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addressing serialities
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traumaxity, trauminity

#WhatWouldTraumaDo? ( #WhatWouldEmpathyDo ? ((  #WhatWouldCountingDo ??
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