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Mobile apps for your digital magazine
Mobile apps for your digital magazine

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Video magazines have become more and more popular. This is because video content is very engaging and people have fun exploring high quality, curated content. You will learn how you can start your own video magazine using only a PDF file and a bit of imagination.

Why should you do this? Because content curation is one of the content marketing tactic that works very well as a pre-sales stage.

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What's your PDF native content strategy in the era of ads blindness? Learn why you should create mobile distribution of your PDF content. 

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Our Affiliate Program is a great way for webmasters, developers, WordPress designers and online-media insiders to create additional stream of revenue

* Rolling out an affiliate program with a fair share philosophy

The Fair Share is the philosophy that stays on the top of this referral program and it means that our affiliates receive a recurring revenue from every new business initiated through them. We say “thank you” to our affiliates each month for as long as customers that came through their referral links will use our service (...)

#wordpress #passiveincome #affiliate #affiliateprogram #revenue 

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Designing and creating PDF files does not have to be expansive

Here you will find a review of low budget and professional designing tools for designing and creating PDF files.

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Yes we build mobile apps for WordPress blogs and web magazines - very easy to have your content published on App Store. Get your free demo app
How about branded news apps for WordPress publishers (web magazines and blogs) from PressPad News to increase reading experience on mobile and mobile user retention to your blog.


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Bloggers, web publishers and magazines will find here a full recipe to create a multi platform publishing ecosystem — presented by the digital publishing technology team of PressPad

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Digital Publishing has been changing since original iPad announcement. What is digital publishing today, what’s the role of WordPress publishing and web magazines, and how to grasp it for your own convenience? In this article I will provide the recipe from the publishing technology point of view.

Apps and subscription offers don’t hang in vacuum. Modern publishers including magazines such as New Yorker use full ecosystem of the content carriers to distribute its content. This multiplatform approach to publishing utilizes various distribution channels such us:

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PressPad News, the News app for WordPress blogs is here We explore new areas of publishing. Our latest product has been designed for WordPress bloggers. We'd like to give them a modern tool to make their existing content work even better on mobile devices. Visit our website or get more details on what PressPad News is all about on our blog

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Most of the passive income ideas we stumble upon on the various websites shout out bold claims yet deliver almost no real value. These are promises that can hardly be fulfilled, even for skilled digital marketers, after all, you need to create a value that your passive income will be based on. PressPad Partnership provides tools to open new opportunities for your #smallbusiness -- If you work with customers like magazines, consulting firms that produce a lot of PDF content then this might be a turning point for you.

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We've got this crazy iOS app to supercharge our WordPress blog »

 Stay on top of our app marketing & digital publishing resources.
Get your FREE app. It's equipped with lots of magic, and most of all it makes reading possible even if our blog is under a planned maintenance.
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