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Prentiss Riddle
Aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada.
Aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada.

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I wish the Google+ "Find People" feature would tell me who among the Gmail users in my addressbook is actually active in Google+ (instead of trying to trick me into adding people who don't use Google+ and would think me a weirdo for doing so).

Here we go again: anybody got a spare invite to Google Inbox?

So, friends with corporate jobs: how do your employers feel about your using consumer-grade cloud apps for work? E.g., sharing files within a team using Dropbox, or forwarding your work email to GMail, or making calls with Skype?

(I've been doing all those things at UT for years, taking care not to do so with "category 1" data like SSNs or passwords.)

Remarkable how hard it is to find anything more recent than Jakob Nielsen's 1997 study to support the statement that people mostly skim, rather than "read," on the web.

I don't doubt that it's true, and I'm sure that the study has been replicated and expanded on many times since then, but it's pretty much the only thing you'll find through casual googling.

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Length of decade, century, and millennium summary articles in Wikipedia.

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True or false? Drupal (like WordPress) puts absolute paths in its database so there is no way to move an install without DB edits.

For WordPress I use this handy tool:

I'd like to skip that step for Drupal, but a phpMyAdmin search is turning up path dependencies, and I don't think they're all in user-edited content.

Cautionary tale for non-linguists who dabble with the Google corpus. Garbage in, garbage out.

/for +Don Turnbull

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Wow, I have to try this Chrome plugin: read the web with genders switched.

/via +Marjorie Foley 

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Hey, +Boing Boing, I love your #Gweek podcast but why is it such a sausagefest? Let us hear from some female geeks! I recommend you start with +Liz Henry, and she knows 1000 more.

Which are less risky, the security issues in iOS 6.0.1 or the inevitable bugs in 6.1.0? My wise grampa always said to avoid anything-point-oh
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