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pravin dhame commented on a post on Blogger.
Dear so called big heart fanatic and a big big idiot.
Idiots like you who are just shame on our community.
Note that as of now more than 80% of patidar are just managing their affairs and they are a simple middle class.
To come out of this middle class or poor class we need education.
We work hard to make our children future bright.
We put our all efforts for their education.
Our children are bright too and they get 85% on mark sheet of GSEB or any other bard's .
After what?
They just denied the opportunity to get admission in Government or government aided or self finance collages.
For what..they are Patel or Patidar a so called savarna or well to do caste.
There is no way to built an Medical collage for our own community if possible I am sure we will built it with our own money for the sake of our children.
But it is not possible and this Mother fuc..err politicians and system do not give necessary permissions.
Not only that they give way to 45% student of SC/ST and OBC class.
You suggest me way to make my son or daughter to become a good doctor with 85% marks.
This is simply a social discrimination.
Our constitution give us right of equal treatment without considering our caste,creed,race or religion.
This simple basic human right is violated for the sake of vote bank politics.
If somebody who is son of commissioner but having tag of ST/SC or OBC can become doctor without having this much mark.
But me as a diamond worker getting 20K INR per month after 60 hour of hard toiled labor per week.
 My son can not break this shackle despite scoring 85% .
Why? Because he is not OBC or SC/ST.
Do you think this is fair?
Then please go to a good psychiatric and check your mental health.

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pravin dhame commented on a post on Blogger.
Enjoyed a lot..

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Three members of a Muslim family were shot to death Tuesday in their home near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

The #ChapelHillShooting would be #BreakingNews if the killer identified himself with Islam. Media forgets that the 3 killed were Americans. Nothing on news about the sad incident. Well it's no Surprise to me. If this situation was reversed, the media would be all over this terrible tragedy!!

#MuslimLivesMatter #ChapelHillShooting

Post by: SA

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For professionals who are already employed somewhere... this might seem familiar... :P #humoroftheday


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