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Highs and lows from the pop frontline
Highs and lows from the pop frontline

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It's quite literally the circle of life.

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Song: Abs - 'Back To The Limbo'
Circle Factor: This song features a sample of 'Soul Limbo', which is well known as the BBC Cricket theme. Which might not be a circular link in itself, but they do play cricket at the Oval.
Circles Out Of Ten: ooooo

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Song: Agnetha - 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me'
Circle Factor: Wrapping one's arms around someone can often (depending on rotundity of recipient) create a circle of sorts.
Circles Out Of Ten: ooooooooo

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Song: Take That - 'Back For Good'
Circle Factor: In this song they sing "lipstick marks still on your coffee cup". While the lipstick marks are unlikely to be circular (unless given by a cheap-to-midprice sex doll) the coffee cup itself - and the saucer on which it sits - are almost certainly circular. It should also be noted that key scenes in this video involve cars - whose wheels are almost exclusively circular.
Circles Out Of Ten: oooooooo

One of the most things that was initially most appealing about Google+ was how free it was of brands, businesses and people hiding behind logos.

With that in mind we're pleased to launch the Popjustice Google+ page.

Until we figure out what use it will be - if any - we are just going to post and discuss songs featuring references to circles and round things. If we run out of such tunes there may be a foray into ovals but we will do our very best to avoid such a catastrophe.
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