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Where do you spend more time these days, Google+ or Facebook?
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Google of course, deleted Facebook account
Funny question to ask.... on Google+. Probably going to be a bit of a biased survey. However, to be honest I actually spend more time actually paying attention to the stuff posted here. I browse FB simply to keep up with the lemmings still over there. I come here for the topics though.  Much better conversations here.
I'd say I split it about 50/50. Better conversations here (much more intelligent) but a majority of my friends are FB users and won't leave.
I'm all in on G+ I have deactivated FB; I got bored with it. G+ has much better privacy control. 
I dunno. I think there are too many people caught up in the status quo and afraid to leave what is comfortable. Those people remain on FB despite the obvious benefits of G+. There are also a lot of people who haven't made the switch simply because they do not know anyone here. Again, they stay with what is comfortable. I actually know pretty much no one here, but I am connecting with new people with similar interests and more importantly having great debates about shared topics. 

Some choose to simply reply to things with a LOL or whatever simplified simpleton response they can conjure up. THose guys can stay at FB. 
I do most if not all my personal sharing here.  I do more reading, and sharing the un-personal 'crap' on facebook. anything having to do with me, friends or family I share here because I feel there's less guessing as to who see's such information.  I basically use facebook to see what the friends who won't come to G+ are doing, but only communicate with them through their posts.  Because of the privacy control  I'd say i'm here more often, how much more often I can't really say.  
+Kevin Kirk But it is a logical complaint. Who hangs out at the cool new bar if they are there alone. Very few. As I said on my personal post earlier, I wish G+ would have remained invite only. They went public and we now trend topics like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Twilight. 
Myself & my 5 best friends left facebook and now hang out exclusively on google+. We have dragged about a dozen people, each, over to G+ but they don't spend as much time here. We're working on it though.
Both, but the majority of blog readers comes from here
I still have my FB account and check it on a regular basis as most of my friends and family are still over there and won't leave. :-(

The time spent on each is probably in the 50/50 range; however, in agreeing with some of the previous posters, I have to say that the content on G+ is far better and more compelling to read.

On FB, I look at comments and laugh about (some of) the jokes posted there. On G+, I enjoy reading (vs. looking at) the posts and often find very interesting articles others have shared.
I would say it's about 60/40 in Facebook's favor.
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