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With Halloween around the corner, we anticipate Trainers may encounter more Pokémon in the real world. The AR camera is a great way to capture and share these encounters with your friends!
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Josh Hood
Give us trading nobody cares about ar mode
Too bad that it only works with phones that have gyroscope's built in them. Pathetic move guys.
AR doesn't work with my Android Motorola G Third Generations
Maps, Tracker, Speed Limit, 3 things you have to fix, forget about your lousy halloween pokemons.
+SeeK Blu don't forget about the teacker that's only been beta tested in san francisco for the last 3-4 months
AR is way too laggy on my Nexus 5X. Otherwise I would use it.
Traiding and live fight... not only in gyms.... 
Increase the Spawn rate for Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar on the week of Halloween.
+Tim Legdeur I might not but many people and the CEO of niatic confirmed that its coming with gen 2 next year
I thought Pokémon go died at the end of summer
And i want anyone who trades with any Pokemon caught by a cheater to be deleted, even if they've traded it to someone else.
This is cool. I say ignore all these haters. 
Just asking but didn't the beta version allow android jellybeans and rooted phones so y can't we have that again
Niantic finally made an account called NIATrainer. That means something's up. 
Hey +Pokémon GO​​ that's nice and all, but you forgot the Most important Facts:

1) When do the extra spwans start?
2) What Type of Pokémon can we encounter in this new spawns? More Ghost Type or more of all types?
3) How Long will this stay?

And on a sidenote: The InGame Tracker isn't Fixed with just throwing a bunch of random spawns on your Map. 
+Pokémon GO​ Please would you look into why there are some places like the Åland Islands, Finland and Batam Island, Indonesia (as +Leonardi TD​ highlights earlier in this thread), where PokémonGo has officially launched, has PokéStops/Gyms and works, but there are zero spontaneously spawning wild Pokémon?

The only way to get Pokémon are via lures, incense or eggs. On Åland we have been asking +Ingress​ why there is no spontaneously appearing ambient xm for years, but with portal xm and power cubes the absence of ambient xm doesn't affect Ingress gameplay a huge amount.

But it's very difficult to play PokémonGo with no spontaneously appearing wild Pokémon. Please look into this issue, as we learn it is affecting multiple places around the world. Thanks!
Wow! Thanks Niantic! Thanks for encouraging me to use a mode that dosen't work on my phone for some unexplained reason!
I'm with Guru... can't report an error or get ahold of you on your customer service sites. Please repair.
Speed ban has ruined the game for me. I travel by bus regularly and now am unable to play. I bought a Pokemon Go plus for use on the bus, now entirely useless.
+David Woodward The game is called "Pokemon GO" for a reason, not "Pokemon Drive" - it encourages you to walk.
But sure exactly what the speed lock thing is but I've always had to drive less than 17 kph to get Pokemon to show up and eggs to hatch. Right from the start of the game. Other option..... walk
I do walk, I have walked over 270 km playing the game. However, I spent the extra money for added functionality whilst on the bus. 1 week after receiving the item, the game has changed, rendering the item now of no use to me. Unless you are suggesting I walk 12 miles a day to and from work?
We need legendaries and battling
+David Woodward Just request a refund from Google/Apple and if they refuse you can contact your credit card issuer to reverse the transaction. 
Only interesting if Ghost types like Haunter and Gengar spawns at daylight too.
Are you the real maker of Pokémon?
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+Ahmed Nour I suggest a one plus. They come unlocked and won't break the bank. Ohh and they don't explode.
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