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subtitles, podnapisi, movies, entertainment, titlovi
subtitles, podnapisi, movies, entertainment, titlovi

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Podnapisi.NET site was never in the process of shutting down, as many of you already guessed, it was only an April fool's day prank. We wanted to point out that current management model isn't suitable for the website, neither financially, nor organizationally. Because of that, we intend to transfer ownership and management of the website to a non-profit organization, which will help motivating larger number of programmers, translators and editors to participate in the project.
Website was completely rewritten and during the process of switching the code, we had to shut down the old website and wait for the migration process to complete. We had to write the code from scratch because, one of co-authors of the old code prohibited it's usage.
We apologize for inconvenience that arose because of website's downtime. Everyone willing to participate in the project are welcome to join us.
You can expect more information about the transition to a non-profit management with an invitation to participate in the near future.
Migration process will be completed at 9:00pm (CET). Because of large amounts of data (transfer approximately 3M of subtitles to MongoDB), site introduction could be a bit delayed. You are invited to check the site again later today, so we can take a first look and make the first stress test!

We had some issues with new PostgreSQL configuration. Issues are now fixed and Podnapisi.NET should work.

We are back. If you notice any slowdons, please let us know.

On the morning of 8th of April 2014 we will close down our site for maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Tomorrow morning we will be doing maintainance on our servers. Services may be interrupted for a limited period of time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Release names are now visible to all users, including unregistered.

Tomorrow, 24th of July, we will be doing maintenance on our servers. It will affect our search engine and as a result, the search on our site may stop for some time through out the day.

Thank you for your patience.

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We have reconnected OMDb to new UniLogin. From now on, new users can login to

We will be doing maintenance on our server on 5th of June. Expect some issues with our services.

Thank you for your understanding.

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UniLogin was not sending activation e-mail to inactive users. We have fixed the bug, so you can try to resend your activation e-mails if you need them.

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