To draw the public’s attention to the idea of glass as an ‘eternal’ tool, Pneumofore sponsored the “Pretiosa Vitrea” exhibition, held from 17 October 2017 to 29 January 2018 at the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, Italy.
Glass is accompanying the humankind since its early history. Very few manufactured materials added so much to the human evolution in arts, culture, science and technology as glass has done, and still does today, in every aspect of our life.
This material has proven through the ages its durability and resistance, as testified by many glass findings from the ancient times.
Through the display of ancient and rare glass artefacts, the “Pretiosa Vitrea” project retraces the key points in the glassmaking history and the science and technology behind each manufacturing innovation. These advances culminated in the advent of mass production techniques which are the pillars of the contemporary glass industry.
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