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One of the UK's most popular online bathrooms retailer.
One of the UK's most popular online bathrooms retailer.

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Boeing creates a self-cleaning airplane bathroom.

Sick of the bad smells and poor state of bathrooms on airplanes? Boeing has the solution with their new self-cleaning bathroom prototype. It uses UV rays to zap the germs away, leaving a clean and odour-free bathroom behind.

#Bathrooms #Airplanes #Boeing

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Sewer powered gas lamps exist.

These gas lamps used to dot the towns and cities of the UK and were unique to your average gas lamp as they partly used sewer gas to provide light. But why did they do this and how did they work? Find out in our article.

#WeirdWorld #History #UKHistory #Sewers

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The Complete Urine Drinkers Cocktail Guide.

Did you know that some people drink urine for its supposed health benefits?

While whether it's actually a good health tonic remains debated, we decided to help out those that still drink it by creating a 25 non-alcoholic cocktails that contain urine. Surely that means it will taste better?

Cocktails include the likes of Long Island Iced Pee and Pee and Tonic. We even have a video of the Long Island Iced Pee being made!

#Cocktails #Health #Urine

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British astronaut Tim Peake has blasted off to the ‪#‎InternationalSpaceStation‬ and is currently on his way to dock with the space station. Here's how Tim will be going to the toilet in space when he finally arrives!

#Space #TimPeake

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How much do you get paid when you're using the toilet?

We all need to be able to go to the toilet on a regular basis, even when we're at work, but how much are we getting paid when we're in the loo?

Use our new 'Paid to Poo' calculator to work out much you're earning whilst you're doing your business.

#Toilets #Work #Bathrooms

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Beat urinal 'stage fright' with the Privi-Pee!

Men: have you ever gone into a public bathroom and noticed that every urinal except one adjacent to someone else is taken? Now urinal etiquette dictates that you should always leave a gap, but if you've got to go you've got to go. Unfortunately there isn't always a toilet cubicle free, and trying to use a urinal so close to someone else can make you experience 'stage fright' where you stand there and your body won't cooperate. This can come from getting a private peace of your body out on show in close proximity to a stranger.

Thankfully Plumbword has the answer! We've created this ingenious cape called the Privi-Pee. This uses sucker pads to help cover you up, so you can pee in peace!

Silly idea or genius?

#Bathrooms #Funny #WeirdWorld

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Tips to keep your bathroom warm this winter.

Brrrrrrrr! It's a bit chilly outside today. I was scraping frost off the windscreen of my car before 7AM had arrived, and believe me when say that my hands felt like ice cubes!

Last year we published this guide on how to keep your bathroom warm during the winter (from +Thomas Mulrooney). It may not be winter yet, but the weather is certainly here. So get prepared now!

#bathrooms #homeimprovement #winter

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Food And Drinks That Make You Poo And Pee

Our latest infographic is over on +Bored Panda

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100 Interior Design Blogs you MUST Read!

+Thomas Mulrooney spent days putting together this huge list of 100 interior design blogs that we believe you should be reading if you are interested in interior design. Let us know if you think we've missed something!

#interiordesign   #homeimprovement   #blogs   #blogging  

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Bathroom hacks you need to try.

#HomeHacks  are an ingenious way to make things easier in the home in a simple and cheap way. Here we've put together out favourite bathroom hacks in a handy infographic!

#bathrooms   #infographic  
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