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The server is currently down because of a power outage with hardware failure. Please be patient.
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Is there anyway we can help with donations to help pay for new equipment?

sorry to have kept you waiting but I have lain ill in bed all weekend. Good news is that we have a new server now and start copying the files and setting up everything.
Thanks for the update, and I hope you are feeling better. :)
Still down 14 days later?

any new update's are you going to be back up be for 2013?
No pressure just my laptop has a error come up every time i attempt to update... wish we knew what the problem was. Are you guys dead or something? zombies?
While I can appreciate that everyone is eager for the service to return, it is a free service, so I wouldn't be too harsh to the maintainers. Restoring a repository isn't just a matter of copying files from a flash drive and plugging it into the internet, it might be a little while longer I suppose!
I was about the ask the same question as the one above.
Is there any way to help to get you back online - e.g. donate $/€ ??
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