This is when I feel ashamed of being Italian

The MIlan City Council has decided to withdtrawl the decision to give HH +Dalai Lama  the honorary citizenship to the city, based on pressure by the scumbags from the Chinese Giovernment.

MIlan's City Council and his ex leftist activist mayor Pisapia
  has decided to Give in to the request of the Chinese Government based on the fact that they are (the Cinese scumbags) the major investors of the 2015 Expo taking place into the CIty.

Shame on you MIlan You used to be a Cosmopolital CIty but you sold your butt to the Money Power and Greed

I am glad I live in VENETO, at least VENICE has not refused such an honour to HH +Dalai Lama .

Same behaviour was held by the Sarkozy midget in 2008 (he met HH +Dalai Lama in Poland (chicken) and also by +Barack Obama (he met HH +Dalai Lama  in a private room of the +The White House for fear of the Chinese scumbags)

Shame to all of these and of course SHAME TO THE CHINESE SCUMBAGS
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