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I wonder what their version of the Big Mac will be.
Imagine when the giraffe will start farting:LOL
no one forces us to eat the stuff, but what galls me is the audacity of them selling so hard to kids! I fought that crap the whole time my kids were growing up!
The kids of today are the buyers of tomorrow (if they'll survive the cholesterol)
Jay Tee
Very true, the food industry supports the health industry.
To be fair, refined sugar is a major factor in obesity. But McDicks' certainly plays a role.
everyone's being so mean to the poor giraffe
and starvation became a thing of the past to man kind
Ive seen tht pic a lot and judging by the size of tht giraffe, This mite b fake or it just mite b a VERY fat giraffe
hey thats racist to africans aka me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yupp..its lke a big one monster..arggggggghhhh!!!!!!!! haha..
I'm not sure I understand this post. McDonald's has been in Africa for years.
That's not McDonalds, retards. It's just a fat ass girraffe
some mad giraffe must have eaten a chicken grande
Hahahaha, evolution comes again.
this giraffe is eating whale
so funny :):):):):):) hahahahahahhaa_____________________________________.
Bloody Brilliant! Nearly fell off my chair laughing....
So even the giraffes have forgotten how to eat healthy? I'm not sure what that has to do with McDonalds except it is just one of many ways to stuff s**t into your body, if you so desire.
lol thats what americans will look like in five years
That's what we americans look before the poop.
different shape animal on this planet. how many eat daily
laziness is not his fault. But overweight is.
you can be who you wanna be im just saying that we eat more than we need to a lot of the times
lazy=fat?? r u kiddin me?? =='' +Michael Bean hav u heard of unfortunate ppl havin low metabolism rate?? n dey r HUMANS hu hav desire to eat those 'normal' food for normal ppl.. ;D gbu sir
what is this,this is the big girrafe,,or bear ?
wow this a very big .............................
Right, I'll take my giraffe supersized. Ha, ha.
hahahaha this is so funny
we all love it
hahaha thats absolutely true.. ;D
Lmao! +1 a thousand times! Hilarious!
Sexy ass giraffe!
well i saw some like that already in Africa, so mac is just gana nourish
looks just like me...JOKE
McDonald oooh now u know Africa is the fastest growing economy and you try to move business down there i wish you good luck
He needs to walk that bridge that china is building a couple of times he'll lose all that weight after
O_O wow thts one fat giraffe well now i should call it elephant -_-
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry niceeeeeeeeeee
LOL! How does it manage to walk? Haha
i aint eating at KFC or MCdolald again :D
the giraffe looks miserable
Owww....owwww...that's totally unexpected........but this shows the craze of McD worldwide.......
Not as bad as KFC....
hahaha i recon that could be my twin. Wow i better trim up hes looking pretty good
That's Michelin's girlfriend perhaps?
lmfao that is inevitable
Arun S
HA HA.....
lmao,, theres a thing called moderation folks with fast food habits!  fast food wasn't invented for every night dinners, it was for those who are always on the run.. but folks keep feeding there children this crap every night or day for lunch and dinner both sometime and sometimes its all anyone eats, and that is why we have an obesity problem, no one takes the time to cook home made dinners any more or make healthier choices. there are some folks that dont even know how to cook or no how to cook the right foods its just sad the way this country is run these days.
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