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The world's first Swiss Army knife' has been discovered and it was made by the ancient Romans around 200 AD.  The Roman Army knife is made of silver and has an iron blade.  It also has a  spoon, fork as well as a retractable spike, spatula and small tooth-pick.

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It was no ordinary Roman owned that I'd guess. Probably belonged to the guy in the biggest tent.
Super image and thanks for the share +pio dal cin. Is it just me or is the USB connector for the memory stick missing?
+Colin Lucas-Mudd  I think it's missing...I tried to give the website the credit they deserved but the link is incomplete. I will double check
So the Swiss Army Knife is Italian? Sounds like a patent lawsuit in the making LOL
It was probably a swiss slave Gary who had to give up the patent in order to save his life, then the heirs came down with the ords of barbarians and sued the Romans for copyright infringment lol
Not at all. I bet Apple are gonna claim it's theirs.
Could it be that it was the "apple roman swiss knife?" If that is the case what is going to happen to Adam and Eve's apple?
Was that the original or was it Apple's Apple?
Now, now, +Gary S. Hart and +pio dal cin, you are both educated, erudite, and have a global perspective. Just look at the Vatican. Now, ask yourself—Was this 'Knife' pre-Constantine? If so then maybe it was dropped during early negotiations. If not QED.
Hey +pio dal cin, have you ever tried really negotiating with the Swiss! Mercenaries don't come cheap you know. :-)
The Swiss probably found it in an abandoned safety deposit box belonging to an exiled king. 
+George Kozi, I just used that quote on +Rahul Roy's post about the early iPod looking very much like an older Braun product. It's true. This is what makes design patenting so difficult.
doesn't look like a Swiss army knife
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