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pio dal cin

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Funny. Kc
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pio dal cin

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pio dal cin

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Oh!!! Wat the hell r dey doin?
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pio dal cin

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Fotografo da sempre e per sempre con l'amore per la scrittura
Here is the music collection I started today  ( People often comment on my photo asking "did you take this photo ?" I have to take a deep breath not to get nasty. Would have I spent the last fifty years of my life taking photos, with all the ups and down to be a sixty years old man  and publish someone else's photo? Yes. These are all my photos, taken mostly from 1986 trough 1994 when I was really active as a photojournalist. I am lucky enough to live in an area (Venice area) where culture and art, music and theatre are our daily bread. Jazz, Movies, Summit, Kings, Queens, Actors and Actresses love to come here in this beautiful region called    that is where I got the chance to shoot all these people, from Pope John Paul the II whom I followed while vacationing in the  to Reagan, Tatcher,MItterand during the 1987 Summit in Venice, King Hussein and his lovely wife Noor with their children, Martin Scorsese at the Movie Festival in Venice, Chet Baker, two months before he died in Amsterdam performed in a small club near    where there were just fifty people in the club, given the size of it. PInk Floyd in Venice was also a big event in 1987. 250K people showed up at the free concert where the stage was set on the Lagoon in front of S. Mark's Square. These just to mention a few episodes of my life dedicated to the burning passion of taking pictures or "writing with the light". I also love writing with my pen, so I am trying to match these two viruses that have been implanted in my blood by my parents (dad loved photo, mom our beautiful Italian language) One more thing I would like to say, before I turn this comment into my "about me" page on my    profile: I did it all for the passion, for the love of it, not for the money. As a creative person I have concentrated more on what I was really able to do, not on the business part of it. I never considered really this my "job", even if the newspapers and the magazines were paying to publish my pictures, it was a dream, my dream that was becoming true trough dedication, suffering and hard work. I risked my life at least three or four times when I started as a war photographer but someone up there always kept an eye on me. I'm here now to tell those stories who filled my extraordinary different life. I have a "backpack full of photos and stories to tell". I decided to become a writer and published my first book last year in december. I am almost finished on a secon and working on my third. I still have a dream,(because if one stops dreaming he/she becomes old) I will see my book become a movie and I will take all the friends who believed in my dream and supported it to the premiere of that movie. Yes. I did take all the pictures that I publish.

I am on G+  from  July 2011 

Circle Count is one source of data you should have in your circles. They provide you with great statistics and valuable information. I feel honoured to have had them as friends since day one on G+

I would love  to write for online magazines 

I am fluent in English Italian and Spanish. If you need to contact me, just send me a message on G+ 

Below you'll find my virtual business card and all my contacts on social network.

Now I am a Street Photographer , as I love those wrinkles and scars on people's faces who can tell a story.

I blog here daily and love it,

This is my other blog on wordpress

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My Google Plus Story:

Joined in July 2011

Pages I created and manage on G+

Sharing Is Caring on G+ (Sharing is the real essence of Google Plus)

You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) (Interview of Great Gplussers via HO on AIR)

Ghost Town Google Plus (In 2012 someone said G+ was a Ghost Town.So I asked a few ghosts to join)

Bella Italia (Because Italy is Beautiful)

I am also a manager of Good Music ( a page dedicated to music videos and links)

Bragging rights
Love what you do. Do what you love
Fotografo con l'amore per la scrittura e blogger.Scrivo pagine Google+,interviste,social network
Photojournalist who will never retire, Writer, Art Lover, Photography for me(as writing) is a virus
  • writer photographer
    owner, 2000 - present
    I write for a living. I take picture for a living. The only problem is that everyonre likes my writing and my pictures but no one wants to pay for it.
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Really a great place to shop for vintage clothing and objects. AIt is located just a couple of blocks from the Basilica and the Giotto's tower. Convenient and well structured. Worth the visit!!!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
The hotel is the right place to stop for a great time of "unplugging" from the everyday frenzy. Situated in the middle of the country of the Treviso Province, in Veneto, just an hour away from Venice, and about two hours from the best ski resorts in the Dolomites. Prosecco Country is only half an hour away and you can taste the local food in various restaurants and trattorias conveniently located nearby. The hotel itself has a breathtaking view of the XVII Century Villa that hosted very famous people like Napoleon before a battle that was fought nearby. The rooms are very confortable and designed for maximum comfort. The family managment is a warranty of great service and quality. Must try this
• • •
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
wonderful place great great
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
If I wanted to taste a real Italian meal made in an old fashioned way then Ca del Sole would be the place in LA. The manager and the staff will make you feel at home and you'll leave with the thought of returning for a try out of their homemade style dishes. Rodolfo is an expert of wines and will help you choose the best combinations
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
6 reviews
A world's leader for over half a Century Electrolux Susegana is more an institution here in Veneto than a "factory" Appliances and this brand name have become troughout the year a synonymous. There isn't a sigle household in the whole Region of Veneto who doesn't have one or more than one appliance made by this brand that seems to have a life of its own amid all controversies and hard times experimented with the market's ups and downs. Thumbs up all the way pio dal cin #codognecuoreveneto
• • •
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Locanda da Lino is THE place if you want a dining experience that would last. The delicacy and the quality of the food provided by Marco and its team in the kitchen blends very well with the strong rural/elegant settings of the rooms, designed to give you a very unique experience. Romantic? Ask for a table by the fireplace, your date will love to come back for more. Family? A round table in the main room will seat everybody. Just give it a try. You will not be disappointed (Marcello Mastroianni had his own room named after him here; he was a regular and a true friend of the late Lino, the man who was behind this great new restaurant's concept that brought many actors,writers,artists and painters into this small wonderful little town called Solighetto, in the middle of Prosecco's Country
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago