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Open Day – Sunday 8 April 2018

Our Open Day welcomes both new and existing clients (ts&cs apply), to join us on your bi-annual open day. We have some great services for you to try out on the day, including Free Talks from our practitioners here at Physio4life, Free Physio/Osteo assessments, Free trial reformer Pilates classes and Discounted Massage. The slots have not yet been opened, but you can register your interest to get a priority booking! (Spaces are very limited)

Click here to register your interest!

One of our reception team will contact you shortly regarding more information and a booking(s).
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Water has lots and lots of benefits and here are 4 benefits that may surprise you:
1- drinking water and saying hydrated can boost energy levels. The next time you’re feeling a bit sluggish, drink a large glass of water, wait for 10 minutes and see if your mood and energy improves
2-Headaches can be caused by dehydration. Therefore, if you feel like you’re getting a headache, drink more fluid and see if it receives the problem
3- Do you suffer from constipation? If so, water can help. Low water consumption appears to be a risk factor for constipation in both young and elderly people. Apparently, fizzy water show particular promising results
4 - Drinking more water can help you lose weight. If you find you have the munchies - the reason could that you’re dehydrated, not hungry.
Im off to have some some fizzy water
Over and Out
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Special Offers at Physio4Life in Putney
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Have you ever waited for the “perfect time” to learn a new skill? To eat better? To exercise more?
At the moment you may feel unfit and overweight and you want to start to feeling younger, fitter and having more energy.
You know it's hard, you tried before and failed.
You have enough on your plate, and need to find the time to commit to a health and fitness plan.
So, you put it off. I'll start............
When I get a different job.
When things are less busy.
I'll start once I've had my holiday.
When I'm a bit fitter
When I lose a bit of weight first.
Tomorrow. Next week. Never.
But why are you waiting for the perfect time?
Is it because it's a great distraction and justification. It helps you avoid the real—and risky—work of DOING.
Or does searching for perfectionism and avoidance serve as strong armor against failure - again.
Unfortunately, it’s also what keeps you from growing, thriving, and being WHO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE.
Someone who has more energy to handle the stress of modern life.
Someone who looks in the mirror and likes what they see.
If you're ready to take action........
keep an eye out for the Launch of the NEW TERM OF MY =>>
==>Nutrition and Fitness Weight Loss Bootcamp Programme.
Out very soon!
For the time being , Here's a 5 minute park workout for you to try

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Busy week at the clinic
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