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#beats #tracks #soundscapes #awesome #music #soundfx #audio
#beats #tracks #soundscapes #awesome #music #soundfx #audio

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Say hi on Twitter!

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Fantastic site with all kinds of tests for your ears and your acoustic setup!

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A Love Theme

Some acoustic TLC for the weekend. Enjoy and be well!


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The intimidatingly talented +Daniel James posts some of the most useful videos I have come across yet. Here is a collection of his clips where he takes a closer look at some of the string libraries available.

CineStrings: CineStrings - Overview
Action Strings: Action Strings - Overview
Cinematic Strings: Cinematic Strings - Brief Overview
LA Scoring Strings (LASS) vs. Hollywood Strings: LASS Vs Hollywood Strings (General Comparison)
Symphobia Strings (Dystopia patch): Custom Dystopia (Symphobia Strings)


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Really incredible stuff here...!

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And just in time for the holiday season...

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When I hear 'vocal track' I think of a singer. However, there's also the spoken word vocal tracks, of course, such as podcasts, radio shows, youtube tutorials, and so forth.
Here's a nifty tutorial to proper spoken word processing!

(Tutorial uses Logic Pro, but the principles - as always - can be applied to any DAW.)

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So I got one of the bundles from Waves. Download, installation, activation, all a breeze, not a single hiccup.
But nothing showed up in my PT11. :(

After a quick search, it turns out that an extra installation is required for Waves plugins to work with PT11 and that can be d/l'ed freely on the Waves website.

It installs a "wave-shell" plugin, which sounds a bit like a wrapper for the plugins and I'd hope that those plugins will be rewritten into native AAX64 soon. But for now, it works!


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