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Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk
Join Scott Kelby and photographers, Saturday, 10/1/16. Hashtag #WWPW2016
Join Scott Kelby and photographers, Saturday, 10/1/16. Hashtag #WWPW2016

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Help us help The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage! Let's reach our $35,000 goal—donate here:

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See what you can win by competing in our 3 different Photo Walk contests!

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The Photo Walk is just days away now! 
On Saturday, Oct. 1st, photographers around the world, in over 1,000 locations, will be taking photos, having fun & making new friends. Just 9 days till the big walk (sponsored by +CanonUSA) - Come join us- it's free - check to see if there's a photo walk near you -

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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia: On Deck
There will be over 28 THOUSAND people walking today.  This is the biggest #Photography  walk in the world, and I so excited to see all of you participating!  Im sure +Scott Kelby will get a kick out of this.  Great job guys!!

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Doha, Qatar - Represent!!
The +Scott Kelby  #WWPW13 is up and running!! First stop - Doha, Qatar!!  

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The Worldwide Photo Walk is Tomorrow!
In a short amount of time (In fact, some places have probably started already!) we will be starting the Worldwide Photo Walk!  Wanted to wish everyone some happy walking!  

Now, this isnt for the competition.. just for fun.  I'd ask that you guys join the Flickr Group for the Worldwide Walk.  There you can just upload pictures as they are happening to the pool and we can see what you guys are doing.  If you want to see a video of how to do that, check it out below! 

Join the Group Here:

Updates for The Worldwide Photo Walk
Hey guys +RC Concepcion  here giving you an update as to where we are on the worldwide Photo Walk.  As of now, we have over 1000 walks happening with close to 20,000 people registered to walk for that day.  We're really excited you are all coming to join us!

I wanted to share some additional information that you may find of use here. Its a little long, but I'd suggest you read it through: 

Walk Leaders Media Kit
If you are a walk leader, make sure you log into the walk leader dashboard.  There should be a link there for you get graphics that you can use for the day of the walk. 

Registrations for Second Walks
We have received a big influx of people who have attempted to lead a second walk on October 5.  We are trying really hard to work on getting people approved.  As much as we're really excited that you guys want to do a second walk, we are trying really hard to make sure that those who dont have a walk set up at all get a chance to lead one.  Having a second walk also complicates matters as walk leaders can then have a second chance to compete in their city walk.. Walkers can then have a second chance to try to compete by signing up for a second walk.  Its something that - while we're happy you want to do - we are working to try to accomodate.  IMHO, it be best to keep it to one walk leader to one city. 

Requesting Help
While we are trying our best to help solve any problems that may arise for you during walk registration, or any other questions - the social areas (Facebook/Twitter/G+ ) are being used to talk about the walk itself.  If you have a pressing issue that needs assistance, make sure that you send an email to so we can best try to help. 

The Flickr Photo Walk Group
The Worldwide Photo Walk group we setup on #Flickr  is designed to give people a place for them to upload images for fun on the day of the walk.  The pictures uploaded here are not a part of any competition and are just being collected so you can share with everyone what your walk looks like on the day.  Think of it as a great way to collectively share with the whole class.   

I know people have been uploading pictures into the group already.  Don't worry.  When it comes time for the Photo Walk, all of those pictures will be removed.. and we'll reset to collect only the walks of the day. 

Hope that clears up some stuff..  again.. we are really excited for the walk to already get here!  Should you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in the support email. 


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Share Your Pictures for the Worldwide Photo Walk on Flickr
Last year, we had close to 30,000  people participate in our Worldwide Photo Walk in over 1300 cities.  We wanted to add a social level to the walk, letting people share some behind the scenes #photography  with everyone participating.  This year, we're doing just that with #Flickr .  

I made a video showing you how to add the group, and how to take pictures with the #Flickr  app on your phone and add them to the group.  Make sure you are a part of the group before the action starts - October 5!

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Philippines Represent!
One of the coolest thing that I see on the Worldwide Photo Walk is just how big of an event this #photography   #photowalk  in the Philippines. I oversee the walk approval process worldwide, and I gotta say - the moment a photo walk in Manilla or CEBU opens, these places just fill up. I always thought it would be way cool to just fly down there and go attend a walk and lend support down here. Add a little Kali to that, and I may not even come back!

Are you in the #philippines ? Lemme know where you guys are doing your walk!
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