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How many devices do you have with you right now?
As our lives become more enveloped by ever-improving, ever-evolving, ever-more capable technology, extra devices tend to seep into our lives to fill every possible nook and cranny. One might carry a l...
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If you're skillful it only takes one. ;)
Galaxy Nexus, 4th Gen iPod Touch, HTC Flyer (soon to be replaced by a Nexus 7), and 4G hotspot.  Apparently I'm not skillful lol.
Right know on me is an atrix2 and a Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0.
Bf's iPhone is still charging while mine keeps its charge throughout the day
The tablets been on since this morning going through Google + videos and comments
Lte Galaxy nexus, Hspa+ Galaxy nexus and Xoom
Galaxy nexus hspa+ version, ipod touch 4g, motorola xoom wifi family edition
Fauzi R
GNex. I'm still having no point to get tablet as my $200 lenovo netbook suffice my digital needs. Having two or more phones is complicated.
I have 3 androids. Sony tablet s, sony xperia mini pro, and. A galaxy note 1717. I will be getting the nexus 7 16gb on thurs.
One me at almost all times is my HTC rezound. Rooted rommed and over locked. When I'm home I use my rooted rommed nook tablet and when I shoot photos outside if not using rezound I use my rooted rommed oced og Droid. Every now and then I will use an iPod touch to check my instagram so I can see emoji in color with out being on an miui from on another device but that's about it.
Galaxy nexus cdma and transformer prime.
Lg optimus m, lg g2x 4g ; lg esteem 4g, htc sensation 4g , samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and just got my new samsung galaxy s3.... i am plaining to get the new nexus 7 also...i can' t control myself ..i love technology
RAZR Maxx. RAZR international version. Google TV Logitech. Google TV Sony should be coming today. Original DROID by Motorola. Ipad 3. Ipad 1. Transformer prime. Kindle fire. MBA 2 Gen. IMac 27 3 years old. HP envy 14. Two samsung chromebooks one black one white.ipad touch first Gen used only for Pandora radio. Regular kindle second Gen. This is probably it unless I am forgetting something.
Most of the work is done on ipad and MBA. Was very happy with Maxx until the ICS update. Now may be replacing it if they can't fix the bugs. Will not be upgrading my international RAZR that I use in Europe. 
I got One X n.S3. They are all having outstanding performances!! Like One X got better photo shooting & S3 has really faster web browsing..!!
i only take 2 devices, with me. Acer Icona and galaxy S. I use the tablet is really good for my inventory
I have 2 my Google Nexus S and my HP Touch pad! Yep I got one of those $150 32 gig Touch Pads its just that the 10" tab is better for construction meetings and walk throughs i have all my drawings for all my projects in one place but my phone pretty much does everything.
I just carry my SGS2 rockin AOKP and an ipod nano for my music
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