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Tell us how you feel. Are you bored with iOS?
Earlier today, a new batch of rumors regarding the new iPhone , and even the new iPod Touch , made their way onto the Internet. Much as we’ve heard in the past, the rumors were centered aroun...
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Eric P.
Bored with ios, yes. Not bored with how great the battery life or how smooth the phone is. 
yes, thats why after two years of being a faithful apple fan, i made the switch, and i dont regret it
Ios is very smooth but they need to open the phone up and let people explore ios fully
it is silky smooth, and its like the os and the device are one, but come on, we're kinda bored
Yes! Been bored and only had it for six months 
Please overhaul the basic UI with something different. This might stop the controversy between Apple and Samsung. 
I tried switching from android to bored after a week and went back
Super bored of ios. Going Android with 5.0
Eric P.
And you guys aren't going to wait and see what iOS 6 is gonna look like??
Wouldn't care to even try it for more than a week. I want an OS I can put my stamp on.
Yes. We are bored. iOS hasn't changed much since the day it started. All they added is the wallpaper, the notification bar and they changed the dock. I really think that they need a big change or they're going to lose to Android.
HTC says it best, Android is YOU, you can customize it hoe you feel, to your liking, add and remove screens, while with Apple or iOS you aren't really getting anything. Apple hasn't really wowed anyone, iPhone 4S was iPhone 4 with a new camera and Siri Voice.
Eric P.
Yeah, apple has not wowed anybody. That's why they've sold millions and millions of iPhones and the iPad has no competition. 
Yes, I am bored. How long do you think it's gonna last untill other people get bored. Think about that.
Extremely bored of ios. Considering making the switch to android for the HTC One X! 
I've never had an apple device. Couldn't afford one really, but the Os needs to change. The additions made in the last update are just copys from other os's. Keep up apple ;)
Apple is always going to sell because of the way they market there devices its more or less monkey see monkey do with android I flash customs roms to make it different from everybody that has a android phone
Eric P.
Apple sells devices because they make a good product. 
Yes they make good products not great people have iphones because of status. Iphones are one of the worst phones for making calls and yet people love they why my guess is because the os is so simple to learn.
Never was interested in the first place!
@ Justin... Apple is going to sell as long as the apple-lites see it as a superior product. Nothing is one of the economic jungle. @ Eric... I can not aggree mroe
I think IOS needs to do something different. They need to redo their software to make it more like Android, Windows Phone, or even like RIM's new software.
Yes... very! I like the usefulness of widgets on Android but I like the smooth and buttery performance from iOS. I just think that Apple needs to take some risks with iOS 6 because people are getting tired of the same 4x4 block of apps on their homescreen with the same lock screen and the same EVERYTHING! Can we spice it up a little?
Apple has unmatched hardware quality, but its software is more than a bore; in my opinion, I'd say it's just plain bad...
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