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Should the HTC One X be #1 in the OSR or the Samsung Galaxy S III (global)?  Watch this video by Aaron and then place your vote!
It's the dogfight battle of the year! Aaron puts the international Samsung Galaxy S III up against the international HTC One X . The Galaxy S III packs a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, ...
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Both are good... so it is going to a hard decision. The SG3 has more features but the camera on the HTC is an amazing. 
Its comes to user preference
Like the premium feel of the one X, the camera and the lightweight sense 4.
the One X has better hardware and software, the GSIII has a few extra mostly useless features...HTC One X over GSIII everytime 
Battery life is a big deal for me...looks like the S III does a great job with battery life. How does the One X do with battery life in comparison? 
One x is one if the best and it is the best I go with HTC one x

Will S
HTC One X's sense was a little laggy from using my girlfriends.

I'm going to go with the GS3. Removable battery and SD card slot are pretty big. And it has a lot more features.
I'm partial to the One S..however when it comes to the SIII v.s the One X...I'd have to give it to the SIII...
Both are on top in market! Just pick what you like most. I go for One X. The display n camera are awesome!
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