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Hey Google+ users! Do you think an open platform like Android is better than what Apple has created with their closed devices?
Yesterday I asked you what you think Apple should “budge” on when it comes to their next iPhone, along with the next version of their mobile platform iOS . In that article, I brought up th...
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Yes indeed open systems will always bring more innovation.
Yes! How much customization can you do with a closed platform vs open
There really isnt a such thing as "better", its more like " better for me".
Open is a hell of alot better it gives the user so much freedom to make the device there's
Open all the way. Allows more freedom to do what you want with your device
I have to say open because I've only really ever used Android. Never liked Apple for anything tho just because they want you to do things their way and give you no choices.
The updates are the worst part about android.. They need to work on it bad.. HTC is one of the only good company's when it comes to getting updates out
Open system but lacking stability and crashes? I work quickly and I need my things fast, so I have to admit im considering a closed but functional environment.
Vie the Open system we can choose the spec or style of the phone from different companies.
This makes us different, here in my country i do see more than 80% of people holding the iphone which look so boring.
open system, with more standardized hardware would be perfect, all these spoken bugs, are usually due to some manufacturer using proprietary/closed software, in a 100% pure open platform, the benefits would outweigh any closed system. blame HTC, in short, geniuses cant even follow simple GPL.
Open all the way for endless customization.
It's all based on opinion more because both platforms have there pros and cons. I love android so I am going open > closed
I prefer open but open is not really that open in the mobile space. Open source software in the PC realm is completely open whereas in the mobile space open is only open once you jailbreak/root your device. If my HTC android device were open I could download ICS and install it at my convenience without having to "hack" my phone.
I've enjoyed both my HTC Magic and my LG G2X and have really enjoyed the benefits of the open platform in the rom/modding community. That said, there is software available for iOS for my autistic son that I can't get on Android. I'll stick with Android on my handset, but I'll by an iPad for educational purposes for him.
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