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Do you think these pics could be real? If so, are you impressed?
The iOS leaks continue! Hot on the heels of the appearance of purported screenshots of Apple's rumored iOS 6 Maps app, a new image of what could be a back panel for the new iPhone has made its way onl...
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No could care less about the iPhone. Still looks unimpressive
Looks like the same phone they have been giving me for years. Same phone, same os, and just 1 more thing that the last phone didn't have. Rinse and repeat.
It looks like crap. If I didn't love iTunes and the cohesiveness that you get from having an iPhone I don't think anything would be keeping me on iOS. I wish that Android had better coding so the speed consistency would be better. The apps on Android aren't as good either. 
I want it, especially if its that big.
+Jayden Robins , you're right, they aren't as good, they're better. Especially if you're talking about actual functions.
+Vernon R That big! That is tiny! I want a much larger screen like 4.7! I'm sick of tiny iPhones! I want a REAL phone. Lol I love iTunes and the AppStore but it's not worth it unless the screen is like crazy amazing! I really love the screen on the One X! It looks amazing. 
Wtf the liquid metal looked cool but I don't like hard edges iPhone 3gs looked cool
I do believe that the photos are of the new Iphone. The design looks like something that Apple would produce.
The New iPhone and IOS will look more n more like Android.
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