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Do you miss having a physical QWERTY keyboard?
Over the years, physical keyboards have lost their importance in the mobile space. While there is no question about which is easier to type on, mobile displays continue to grow in size and importance....
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I'm not to sad.. But I know Alot of people that are going to miss it.. Mostly the old generation.. People that don't like the on screen keyboards
Nope love my virtual keyboard, so much easier for me. I've tried typing on a Qwerty keyboard and I'm much slower.
I used to think that I couldn't live without a physical keyboard but as the screens got larger & the keyboards got better I can now say that I don't have to have one.
I tried to go back to the captivate glide when it came out.. But I only had the phone a week cause the keyboard was very good.. And I was slower on the keyboard then using the onscreen one
I believe that once people who currently use physical keyboards actually try to use an onscreen one for a while, they'll realize that the onscreen is the way to go.
Not really. But I do think they should still offer them just so that every phone doesn't look the same. Nothing wrong with a little variety.
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