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Honk, Beep, Bam, do you use a lot of different notification sounds on your devices?
Even if your phone isn’t known for being the platform for customization, at least you know there’s one area where you can let your choices actually make a difference: the sounds. If you’re anythi...
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I must have one different notification sound for every notification I receive. Twitter, G+, G+ Messenger, different ones for every contact when they text and call...

Drives me crazy when someone has only one notification sound for everything.
i have sound off most of the time, different color notification lights here.
One for G+ and another for regular messaging.
I use the same for all messaging application so that I don't get confused. So one basically...
None always on silent except for my ringtone
My messenging notification is the simple robotic "Droid" my email notification is a transformer transforming and saying Droid at the end. And everything else is on vibrate lol
Whatever is default, they're all the same to me
10+ mostly for social networks and email and texts
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