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So which is it, physical buttons or on-screen options and gestures?
It looks like we’re still using physical buttons. I’m basing this off the fact that while Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is geared towards on-screen controls, dropping the need for any physic...
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Never should of went back to physical buttons. I'm holding out for the next nexus phone. I wanted the gs3 but not with physical buttons.
I want battery from Maxx, screen from x, design and materials from Apple. With a stock vanilla 4.0. 
On-screen options and gestures are much more intuitive in my opinion. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus looks nice because it doesn't physical or capacitive buttons but I can see why HTC and Samsung want physical/capacitive buttons because a lot of people want that and its easier for newer people. The thing is that phones are getting so big and the capacitive buttons will get pressed on accident. 
That's why in 4.0 it waits till it senses your full press. Not an accidental press
+vicente reyes Are you talking about capacitive buttons on ICS or on-screen buttons? I know that the on-screen buttons on the Galaxy Nexus don't get many accidental presses but the capacitive ones on the HTC One X are so far down on the phone if you are using it with one hand you could accidentally press the button quite often. 
I prefer to have the one physical home button.... personally find it to be most useful for 1 handed operation. 
On screen, BUT I must have a physical camera+volume rocker+on/off button and I'm happy :)
On screen, more flexible for future expansion
+Justin Virly you realize that the nexus was given 4.65" to make up for any loss over the average 4.5", and best of all you can resize the on screen buttons or remove them entirely in favour of lmt launcher.
Yeah, but in the end its still a 4.5" with bezel counted, and still all custom roms allow for resizing/removing :)
I have a menu key, again, root and flash and then its all simple settings...
capacitive now and always. i hate physical buttons and i dont like on screen (like Galaxy Nexus) cause they take up space on the screen (Nexus is really only about 4.3 inch of usable screen when the buttons are in place on the bottom) and when watching a video, u have to tap the screen in order to get to the buttons (again, Nexus). capacitive has always been the best and im glad tht HTC used capacitive, dont know what Samsung was thinking with the GSIII's physical home and Nexus on screen buttons...
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