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Is battery life still a problem on your smartphone?
Battery life has been an issue with nearly every phone I have owned since jumping the BlackBerry ship. Larger touchscreen displays, faster, more power-consuming processors and GPUs and faster wireless...
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Nope :) got a 1950 battery on my HTC Sensation 4G nd it lasts me all day, no lies from like 9am till like 11pm
Yes I have the galaxy nexus verizon version extended battery and it still sucks! Please verizon come on with the updates!
I turn of location services until needed. Reduce screen resolution. I turn off 4g lte and I use 3g only. I change gpu graphics settings and after a few more weeks the battery still has to be charged twice a day maybe 3 depending.
I had the iPhone but the small screen was killing my eyes.
I will probably go back to apple depending on what the new iPhone delivers.
I have an iPhone 4S and the battery lasts me a whole day but I added a Mophie Juice Pack Air and it doubles my battery life! :) 
I bought an extended life battery for my Nexus S and took much better care not to let it die or overcharge it. Lasts me over a day easy now with moderate use. If I'm bored tho I can easily kill it in about 9 hours still.
I have the HTC One X and as look as I don't ham it all day and don't browse the Web all day I get about 15 hours out of it.. And even when I use it alot I'm getting about 12 hours.. Which is slamming
For some reason comments aren't working on the actual site. But I have been saying exactly what this article is about for years. How am I supposed to enjoy the surplus of features my new super-phone has if it doesn't last long enough?
+Lain Macauley Along with that note about the site, +PhoneDog should allow us to comment using our Google+ accounts. I don't have a Facebook anymore and I've never had any of the other types of accounts so I can no longer comment.
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