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Chocolate cake bed.
.................................I want it all O_O
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Probably costs $100/hour, I mean $100/piece.
Looks great, but I once saw a huge chocolate fountain in an exhibition and was very surprised to discover that after a few minutes the smell became really unpleasant, it really caught the back of the throat
Adds a whole new meaning to 'Biting the pillow'. Sick, sick man.......8P
Mom said never eat in bed !
Was this for some sort of Beauticians or Psychologists convention??
what if it melts in our sleep?
is it because you have chocolate in your hair? or its right before a date?
Not for me , just add's more pound's to thu front and backside !
That is so cute and looks real.... I would love to put that in my house and see if anyone sits on it by mistake... lol priceless
OMG i want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can i go to bed .. oops srry .. CHOCOLATE BED !!!!
+Juan Reyes Sorry mate, me slippery seconds again.
That aside the comments the women have made on this stream could ALL be transposed to Eurotrash Porno. And THEY KNOW IT lol
Someone made my dream a reality! :)
ki ki
wanna B get it
It would be cool to eat my bed! Especially when it's chocolate!!
OMG that looks delICIOUS!!!!!
Haha nice....v cn do 2 things at a as well as sleep:)
Ah, a movie, a movie of someone coming in and sleeping on it, with snacks. Weird!
Wow. Now only if it was Beyond Organic chocolate. What a treat.
One way of getting sweet dreams,haha!!
that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'd like to face my head down while sleeping on this !!...
My stomach is rumbling...I wonder why... ^_^
O.O whens the next holiday (excuse to get one of those) I don't care where or what but...
im well gel i want some like now please !! :)
Behold! The cake is not a lie, but a BED!
yummy yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
i want to eat it
@eve can we share
ahhhhh goddd i could sleep on it every night... in case i don't eat it first. ;D o.O
Hey. I found a pube in my peice of cake! Ok. Who's been on the bed?
Hey can you get me a dark chocolate one with cushions please haha
Amy Oja
That's all crazy so how was it? 
Never makes you feel hungry when in bed ^_^ !!!!!!!!!
can u make me a new bed for when im peckish
Damn that's a huge cake. My teeth hurt just looking at this picture.
Anne Go
Woooooow *drools *
I would love to have a bed like that. My life would be complete!!
yummy! i would not be sleeping, id be eating it! lol
I just don't know what's wrong with me, doc... I keep getting these cravings of chocolate and I think I'm going crazy, even just lying on this couch, i smell chocolate...
omg that looks so good and looks exactly like a real couch
Didn't know if I should lie down or chow down. mmMMMmmm! Gina Huntoon and Shawn Duckworth Milne should check this out!!
A heart attack you cam sleep on
a big chcoclate bed yummy i would like that
Gives new meaning to "I was like I woke up one day, and found I was diabetic" :-)

Bed should come with optional insulin drip module
Oh...I want that bed !!!
Where is the chocolate house it came from?
yup i dig that comment, maybe 1960,s cool is another way to look @ this pic
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