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Common Sense should also sign this.
Good one! There's nothing wrong with being "loose" with your grammar when hanging out in your favourite social sites and networks, but come on, people! Whatever happened to proof reading and professionalism when creating business and marketing materials? GT :-)
Flash: the term "a lot" (as in, 'I like you a lot') is TWO words. The actual word "allot" means "to divide or distribute by share or portion." There is no such word as "alot." Thank you!
Whenever you want?
How about whenever you should.
Haha! ROTFL!! That is hilarious! My English teacher would love that! 
Mara (+Mara Mascaro), Understand, there is in"deed" a required syn"tax" imposed ... with the proper use of grammar. Regards, Randy
I scoured this note for an hour trying to find a grammatical error.
if u have a perverted mind this may be considered creepy. lol XD
Okey, Iz beez workins on mies Kingsz Eenglesh.maam
neit ohqgg hertyd batik guettantag herr frauline
grammar flux ! !!! !!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
ya mi inglish teecheer tot me good me leernd alot
poor education, we both suffer! I'm willing to forgive. Are you?
i think it boring i like kitten girl!!!!
ever heard of the poem about the Full. and the ,?
i wil rillee us thaat alot becuz me gramar r gud
Yes, we will use you our dear... :)
Creative way of expressing a thought in need of attention.
Always knew this whore would come around. She's been jealous ever since I started banging her best friend, Punctuation!
We just need to express our throught.....that's it
Ha, that piece of paper is quite witty, isn't it?
Grammar helps us express our thoughts clearly for others to understand. Expression alone is not communication.
i can use you in a good way :)
You are sometimes too hard....:-) 
I am forwarding this to my Girlfriend. She is a great supporter of Grammar. I too, am your friend.
If your not using grammar over they're, try using it over hear.
Grammar is a slut 
The funny thing is the amount of errors in the comments...
To all those untutored barbarians,who think that grammar is superfluous and whose facile, impoverished classification of the universe is circumscribed by two adjectives: "cool" and "awesome" used as common denominators to define simply everything. Is the son of Pharaoh's daughter the daughter of Pharaoh's son?
1) Panda eats shoots and leaves.
2) Panda eats, shoots, and leaves.
3) Panda eats shoots, and leaves.
You will never understand the difference between the three to unravel the mystery of Panda's adventures at the hamburger bar. A comma means nothing to you, does it? You speak the english like what she is spoke?
actually this is deep thing to say everyone and each of us selling part of yourself all the time. So the one who saying otherwise just lies to himself.
A question is often followed by a question mark...
Hahaha lolz more people should but some people (like me) talk in slang or they type slang like though=tho should=shud you=u yea u get it
Churchill once wrote in Hansard when he saw poor grammar "this is the kind of thing up with which I will not put".He was such a perfectionist and loathed the pompous Civil Service language that he wrote an instruction book named "Plain Words",required reading for many.
Not sure you ended your letter unimpeachably.
ummm umm ummm hahahahahahahahhahahaha lol omg!!!!!1
hehe..and don't be selfish with the punctuation, either. :)
ya thx very much.....grammar.......for your "advice"
Jared R
#grammer? I did good?
For what world's people u wrote letter?
ha ha ha ha.............
I love use you. You me love use too?
Write even more better with #grammer!
I don't know 'what the fuck' this means.
is you happy for posting bestest post ever?
Joe Eld
me too hun, go ahead do it
Translate don't be so hard on words
I love the paper and type face
That genius daniel learned icelandic in a few days...and appears normal!
hhhhhhhhh.. great some ppl need that..
Growin up I would say a lot"you don't supposed to do that".
I love this personification. Alas, she will be mostly abused.
Ryan K.
I aint got no good reason to be usin that there grammar good. I talk good anyways.
miss grammer...go n drown urself sumwhere...u r not taken care of now!!!
Emily L
irene m
me agrees witch youse
i cant use grammer all the time
Dude thats just funny man lol 
very clever post!
Do you mean the word 'ME'?
use me whenever you want..
That's not slutty. Slutty would be if the quote said:

Dear People of the World,

I don't mean to sound slutty,
but please use me however you want.

Deer Gramor, Your a slut. I don't aint want none of you!
Your a star for posting that! To many people loose site of why grammar is important! Long live potatoe's!
People would be much better understood if they used grammar properly. The problem, you see, is that people are lazy and narcissistic.
It seems many on Google+ misunderstand this post. Spelling is not, necessarily, the same as grammar.
Nice! I try, but my phone gets in the way... I know... excuses... I have many. :)
grammer is not my thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!
k why r yu on my newsffed
aah!! illness spreading
Agreed, but sometimes foreigner do their best but find you so complicated :)
* ^ Grammar .

It's spelled correctly the first time
lol wtf is gtramer? stupid kids theses days (i was borne int the rong genrtation!!!)
ok please give me your address
Okayy ms.grammer will do 
Whys yous guys not be usin da kerrerkt grammers. what be wrong wit da peoples of dat world. tehehehehe ;)
support me
then ill have to go back to school
For a second, I taught the author of this phrase was Inoue (and if anyone gets this reference, I will hug you)
I find it amusing that grammar bugs people. Seriously, get a life.
Show that to the pop. of North England... :P
@Ryan. I find it strange that the most successful people know how to use grammar. Oh no wait, thats not strange, thats logic. If you do something, do it right.
It does matter.

Grammar - the difference between knowing you're shit and knowing your shit.
use it whenever I want, Do I want to use it?
Ok...I will shorten your words, delete your vowels, phonetically write your words and basically confuse the f*** out of anyone who wants to enjoy reading you! No problem.
I thought it was Grahmmhar!
Thank you! It's about time someone said it now if I could only explain that to the younger generation.
Grammar Zealot #357: right here.
The grammar nazi bible...
Would that be turn your head and cough?? LOL
Love this! I have such a pet peeve against bad grammar!
some one get rid of this post it crap
I get soo made at the lack of grammar used in roadside advertising in North America.
Oh no, it's the grammar police again. You know, those people that can't stand typos or any type of slang or misues of the English language at any point or time. Even though we live in America and not England. I'm sure quite a few English people, you know real English people, would take exception to our slant on the English language.
ROFL my teacher would find this SOOOOOOOO offending!
People don't realize it but if we didn't have grammer this comment would practically sound like this: Don't This People Realize Comment This Sound Practically Would It But If We Have Grammer...Get the idea?
ha ha.
thats excactly wat the world needs <sarcasm> lol:)
There is a store where I live and that advertise Sausage burger pie sale. Sounds totally disgusting!!!
Dear Grammar, sometimes we don't have time to use you, it is very okay for not using you so long our message is understood very well... Thanks. :)
Haha i remember a girl called me a slut!!! i got so mad!
As an English Major, I appreciate this picture.
Lmfao thats really humorous 
Well there's intelligent life in here after all 
Hello Grammar, I just meet your twin Composition.
is there a mirror in ur pants?cause i can see me in there
I've got to be honest. I was not expecting that one.
wanna come to my house to do math? We can subtract our clothes divide ur legs and multiply xD
lol, do you happen to have the letter from your homework??? :D
Ya i did and its not 'in there' 'its in ur pants' i made a mistake
Come sit on my lap and we will talk about the first thing that pops up
I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me?
Im like a rubix cube. the more you play with me, the harder i get
I would broadly support the precise use of language rules. Even those strict rules of standard written English can frequently be found lacking in their ability to adequately expressly distinct ideas. They are still the best tools available to advance human ideas especially since English has become the most common.
I think our current modern pop culture does not sufficiently value precision over brevity and expediency.
Persons adopt early on their preference for how highly to value grammar. Often their native language isn't as grammatically complex but they decide how well they want to learn it.

Freedom and diversity applies to grammar too. For better or worse. You can encourage. you can lead a horse to water.

Grammar, rather than ask us to use you some times, try to convince us that it is in our own interest to use you every time and even at the same time as others do. Try to convince us that with repetition and practice, using you will get cheaper and more enjoyable. Tell us we can go for quickies or fo something long and slow.
!!!!!!!inappropriate!!!!! WEIRDO CREEPER STUPID HEAD
for some reason google sent this to me. I don't want to be part of this.
Grammar is a piece of shit and idgaf if i spell things wrong
Be sure NOT to list Anthony Gilles in Google+ in anyway, not even just my name with nothing else added.
Zachary, grammar is completely different from spelling so you might want to retake some first grade English.
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