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The rotation is stacked, the bullpen fortified and old friend Jim Thome is back at first base. It's going to be a fun season in Philadelphia, and the +Philadelphia Phillies cannot wait to get it going as Roy Halladay (and his game face) starts Opening Day against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

+1if you think the Phillies will return to the World Series!
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Bats need to consistently show up and we need to stay hot at the end of the season.
Definitely need the bats. Against STL in the playoffs only three starters hit over .200. Do not need that.
Excited for the season. We don't need bats. We need to run the bases and have stellar pitching. I would take the bats if they show up though.
Cole Hamels Cy Young, you heard it here first
roy halladay is my idol!!!!!!
im from louisiana but love the phillies oh yea
Can't wait until the start of the season today... Go Phillies!!!
Phillies all the way! Thome's gonna be a big help. Still offensive struggles may happen (aka the loss of Utley and Howard)
your damn right, the phillies just need a bit of time to gel with the players, there is a whole host of new faces out on the field and you never know what is going to happen, and that's the beauty of the game
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