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Test d'impression sur mon autre projet pour 2017 : le Système 4C
1er essai d'impression, mars 2017
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1er essai d'impression, mars 2017
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Hop, je poursuis mon grand ménage de printemps.

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Bon résumé (en anglais) des inventions des pasticheurs de Conan.

Le seul truc sur lequel je ne suis pas forcément d'accord, c'est le fait que Conan ne revienne jamais en Cimmérie. De mémoire, Howard avait écrit ça dans sa correspondance...
That Never Happened! Things that only happened in Conan pastiche
Rambling Conan Blog, pt.80

When you cut away the non-Robert E Howard Conan material, there are several things which are taken for granted today which never existed in the original material. Today I’ll call out a few of them.
It’s important to note that when I look at the Conan stories and their content, I look first to the stories as written by Howard and presented in the Del Rey collections. I refer to the Hyborian Age essay and a few noteworthy Howard letters next, but always with anything in the stories taking precedence. This is especially true when you consider that the stories themselves at times don’t entirely align with the Hyborian Age essay which Howard wrote. Also, all the letters and notes from REH that pertain to Conan’s life before the first chronological stories seem reasonable to use as fact, especially as most of it is referred to somewhat in various stories.

Conan never served in the army of Turan!
The stories of Conan serving in the army of Turan always bothered me as a teen. Conan generally seemed to really hate Turanians, and yet we had all these stories of him being the dutiful soldier. Turns out that’s all pastiche, created by Lin Carter/de Camp. Conan fought against the Turanians many times in various outlaw raider groups, but never served in the army.

The Prince is Dead!
Ah, remember Conan’s eldest son Conn? His other son Conobar? His daughters Radegund and Ra Morgana? Well, they only existed in pastiche. Conan is never even married in the Robert E Howard tales. He is just leaving to claim his queen, Zenobia, when the last chronological tale ends. Would Conan have had heirs? Probably, but we never see them in the REH stories. L.Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter created Conn, and most others were created by Marvel comics.

Conan never returned home
Depending on where you place The Frost Giant’s Daughter chronologically (most people place it as the first story, I can see arguments for it coming later as well), Conan never returned to Cimmeria in the Howard tales. Even if The Frost Giant’s Daughter comes later in the chronology, it still doesn’t take place in Cimmeria, and doesn’t necessitate a return visit to home.

Conan’s village wasn’t massacred, and he never pushed the Wheel of Pain
Conan wasn’t given a true origin story by Robert E Howard. The closest we have are some mentions in the tales themselves, and some notes in letters to a fan. There is never any mention of Conan’s village being destroyed, and Conan didn’t have time to push the Wheel of Pain for years, as he was busy destroying an Aquilonian fort and then setting out on his own adventures. The village massacre and Wheel of Pain are purely attempts to give him an origin story in the films.

Thoth-Amon wasn’t Conan’s arch-nemesis
I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but Thoth-Amon was made Conan’s arch-enemy by de Camp and Carter, and later Marvel. In the REH stories, Thoth-Amon and Conan never even meet, and only interfere with each other through chance.

Conan never visited Khitai
In the Howard stories, Khitai is barely mentioned, and remains unknown and mystical. It was in the terrible pastiche The Return of Conan where Conan first travelled to Khitai, and then later in some Marvel stories. In the Howard stories, we have no evidence Conan ever traveled that far East, although it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

There is no Arenjun!
The thief city of Arenjun in Zamora doesn’t exist. Howard meant for the city to be named Zamora the Accursed, city of thieves, but de Camp didn’t pick up on this in the story and in his edit wrote in a name for the city, Arenjun. Thus, the capital of Zamora (the kingdom) is Zamora (the city). There is no Arenjun.

The Road of Kings isn’t a real road!
Ah, the Road of Kings, which merchants travel across the lands, through the great nations. It doesn’t exist. In the Howard tales, the Road of Kings is not a literal road, but is the path of kingship. It’s the same in the pastiche novel titled Conan, The Road of Kings! I’m not sure exactly where the Road of Kings became an actual merchant road, but it’s probably with de Camp somewhere.

Conan wasn’t ever hung up on a tree
The tree of woe scene in the 1982 film was taken from the story A Witch Shall Be Born. However, even though the title of the chapter in the story is called “The Tree of Death”, the crucifixion actually takes place on a wooden cross.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Obviously there are many more things that only happened in the pastiche, so I’ve only tried to cover the major things that are taken as somewhat fact nowadays. If you have a particular favorite thing that never happened except in pastiche, give it a shout out in the comments.

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Mon autre projet JdR à paraître fin 2017 : le Système 4C

(rétroclone de Marvel Super Heroes RPG des années 80)

ça avance plutôt pas mal, ce sera un Jdr de 48 pages format comics

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Projet de couverture et de 4e
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Je suis en train de revoir la traduction de certains termes...

Pour "shirt, ring or scale" je traduis par "corselet, mailles ou écailles" plutôt que par "chemise, maille or écailles" vu que :
- c'est un joli mot, très explicite de surcroit
- la protection en question couvre thorax et abdomen ("chemise" laisse pense que les bras sont protégés, on appellerait alors ça un "haubert")
- il y a pas mal de corselets portés par des PNJ dans les aventures du Cimmérien

Tant pis si théoriquement un corselet (ou linothorax) est plutôt une protection semi-rigide :

Ou alors est-ce que vous connaissez un mot pour désigner une protection couvrant les protections thorax + abdomen, qui inclurait les trucs durs (genre cuirasse), semi-rigides (corselets) ou plus souples ?

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Hop, version presque finale !

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