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How it goes.
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You didn't have me as the chair of the session that paper was read.

We tend to keep "time for presentation of paper X/for talk X" and time for "discussion of paper/talk X" distinct (thus nobody can avoid discussion of his/her paper/talk by just extending the time he/she needs/uses for the presentation of said paper [yes, normally I use "her/his", I inverted that use here, not without some reason].)

I can't remember anybody ever reading a paper for more than 60 seconds beyond the allotted time in any session chaired by me.

Yes, there might be reasons why I'm asked to chair the sessions I'm asked to chair. I wouldn't know.

And: IMHO: don't introduce yourself: leave that to the chair (who should be able to do it faster and more impressively). If you need more than 30 seconds to connect your laptop: give up, and use an overhead projector, or, even better, the blackboard. The outline of the talk should be on the handout, but not part of the talk itself. Use less than a minute for the "motivation" part. Start your talk (after the LLGG bit) with "allotted time is z minutes, I'll talk for z minutes minus 30 seconds", and do keep that promise.
Sandy B
It was rough.
+Heinrich C. Kuhn For every expert on presentations, there are a hundred who have no clue. As a teacher, I have to go to trainings which are basically the same as this many times. Often you just want to go yank the technology out of the presenter's hands, uninstall the expired antivirus that's popping up over their presentation, switch the display to the proper presentation mode, click "Present" in PowerPoint and just take the fuck over. Then you realize nobody knows the venue's WiFi password, so none of the embedded videos work. You resort to crayons and scraps of paper.

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