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Phase One

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Would you like to take a Phase One on a drive?

Go here to test drive a Phase One:

Dave Gold captured this image on a shoot for BMW
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Who need an BMW, when he can get a Phase One :-)
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Phase One

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Wanna go to the sea with us?
Head over to the blog where Cameron Davidson give 10 simple steps to dramatic seascapes in Capture One!

And remember your free trial at
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Phase One

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"The color balance tool works very smoothly and is so easy to use. I think one of the nicest things about it is to be able to flick between all three zones [Shadows, Midtones and Highlights] in the 3-way tab and see them individually as well, for finer tuning"
- Pete Webb Photographer

Get yout free Capture One trial now:

Read the full testimonial:
Pro photographer Pete Webb using Capture One for his color grading
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Phase One

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Did you realize all the new products we announced last week? If not, this article on +Fstoppers from +Douglas Sonders can inform you.

Of course you can also
This week, Phase One announced a brand-new camera platform, the Phase One XF, and three new IQ3 digital backs. Every photo media outlet in the world has the press release and various levels of speculation and information, all focused on those two main announcements. Here’s the thing: it was only one of a half dozen announcements Phase One made, and some of the best announcements are getting obscured by the announcement of their body and backs. Re...
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Absolutely informative article, and yes you where right, all the other news vanished behind the XF launch.
Thanks again, Sascha Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper
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Phase One

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The world's best just got better!

Proudly introducing the Phase One XF Camera System.
Learn more at
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+Phase One You can be uber proud for mega sure! Your new system combined with the (missing) ls lenses must be an optical blast. No doubt.
Congratulations for mastering your approach, you set the standard!
Kind regards from Germany, Sascha Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper
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Phase One

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The A-series from Phase One and ALPA of Switzerland is a beauty of its own and is ideal for capturing beautiful landscapes.

Grab your chance for test driving the A-series right here:
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Stunning set up, already took a peak at the final image.....and it´s super awesome!
Great result & effort, it paid out well.
Yours Sascha Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper
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Phase One

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Win a large print of your Capture One Pro 8 image!

Take advantage of the image quality you can get from Capture One Pro 8 and submit your best image to win a free large print from!

Read more and sign up at
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Hi Miguel,
No, there are not too many demands in regards to size.

Looking forward to see your image
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Phase One

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Pratik Naik​ shows in a video how Capture One Pro 8 is his one-stop software for color-work:

Don't forget your free Capture One trial:
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Phase One

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For the ‪#‎PhaseOneXF‬ we have developed a OneTouch user interface. Read more at

The OneTouch UI on the XF camera is a seamless combination of intuitive dials, keys and touch screen interactions. Each operation is used only where it makes sense and where you want it. OneTouch UI is designed with the goal of making controls so simple that photographers will feel at home within moments of getting started.
What the world's best photography is made of
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+Neale Smith Photography Yeah right, you made me laugh. Thanks mate!
Would like to take it to the seaside and do long exposures, would be awesome to mount our Lee Filters to this beast. Kindly Sascha Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper
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Phase One

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The Phase One XF Camera System is here!

- Fully customizable interface
- Added flexibility with modular detachable viewfinder
- Extreme 60min 80megapixel long exposures

Learn more at
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Want one!
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Phase One

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Capture One is the world's best imaging software and we love seeing it in action with some of some of the best photographers in the world.

Get your free Capture One trial now:

Images from Claus Morgenstern, Gabriel Rancourt & Thomas Fähnrich
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My workflow consists of connecting the camera to the PC, let dropbox import the pictures, load up Cap One and just see what looks good.

I don't take enough pictures, really to have a defined set practice.

About the only thing I do automatically is the Process recipe for a 93% jpeg out to my public dropbox folder, stored in date folders and some futzing with the file names to get date_001 type names.
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Phase One

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"In the past, everything I was shooting was on film and very expensive to scan and retouch. Once the quality of digital became good enough I never shot on film again. The process and workflow with the Phase One backs is fantastic!" - Anton Watts

Read the full Phase One testimonial:
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You rock for giving us all these compliments!
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Contact Information
Contact info
+45 36 46 0111
Roskildevej 39 2000 Frederiksberg Denmark
What the world's best photography is made of
This is the official Google+ page of Phase One.

Phase One is the world’s leader in open-platform based medium format camera systems and professional imaging software.

Our products are known for their quality, flexibility and speed enabling professional photographers shooting in a wide range of formats to achieve their creative visions without compromise.

Product portfolio:


Leaf shutter lenses:
LS 28 mm f/4.5 Aspherical
LS 55 mm f/2.8
LS 80 mm f/2.8
LS 110 mm f/2.8
LS 75-150 mm f/4-5.6
LS 150 mm f/3.5
LS 240 mm f/4.5 IF

Focal plane lenses:
AF 28 mm f/4.5
AF 35 mm f/3.5
AF 45 mm f/2.8
AF 80 mm f/2.8
AF 120 mm f/4
MF 120 mm f/4 
TS 120 mm f/5.6
AF 150 mm f/2.8
AF 75-150 mm f/4.5

High-end medium format camera body:

Digital backs:
IQ260 Achromatic
P 65+
P 45+
P 40+
P+ Achromatic


Capture One Pro 7 raw converter
Capture One Express 7
Capture Pilot iPad app
Media Pro 1 photo manager