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Phase One

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Enjoy our latest XF 100MP Camera System collaboration with Tim Kemple
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Phase One

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Capture One Pro 8.3.4 has been released!

Get your upgrade right here:

Besides bug fixes, Capture One is now officially supported for OS X 10.11 El Capitan .. Furthermore we have added file support for a range of cameras. With this release, can you guess what landmark is reflected here in this image captured by Joe Cornish?
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+de Vice :))
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Phase One

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What makes medium format stand out? 

Tell us and win this cool image from Isamu Sawa in a limited edition print!

The image is from the Without Water series, which shows incredible details and make us proud as we can see what Phase One gear in the hands of skilled photographers can result in.
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de Vice
меня заразила эта идея. очень понравились работы мастера. обязательно так попробую, хоть и не на средний формат и совсем не на Phase One , но надеюсь, что Пропятка ( Fujifilm S5 Pro) со своей волшебной двойной CCD матрицей тоже так сможет. спасибо за идею и красивые фото! domo arigato sensei !
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Phase One

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Let the boys from House of Retouching tell you why Levels is the most underrated Capture One Pro 8 tool:

Don't forget your free Capture One trial:
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My digital back is Leaf Valeo 22wi, how can I get wiview for DP-67? Please advise. Thank you.
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Phase One

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Would you like to take a Phase One on a drive?

Go here to test drive a Phase One:

Dave Gold captured this image on a shoot for BMW
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+Phase One
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Phase One

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Wanna go to the sea with us?
Head over to the blog where Cameron Davidson give 10 simple steps to dramatic seascapes in Capture One!

And remember your free trial at
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Phase One

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Starting on this fine Monday, Michael Muller will take over

Michael, who is based in California, is known for his celebrity and advertising photos - but also sharks are a big part of his portfolio.
Stay tuned for the next week as Muller will share some of his work and the stories behind it. 
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Phase One

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Is 16 seconds enough to improve your Capture One skills?

Probably not! So why don't you check out the free upcoming Capture One webinars we have for you?
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Phase One

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+Luxurious Magazine featured the A-series from Phase One and Alpa amongst their other cool articles.

Try out the A-series for yourself:
How well does a $40,000+ camera perform? Luxurious Magazine photo-journalist, +Simone Zeffiro Test-Drives The New Phase One A-series Camera
Regular readers - especially photography enthusiasts - may recall the feature we dedicated to the new Phase One A-series camera a few months ago.

As we reported then, the A-series is a medium format camera designed in collaboration with Swiss manufacturer Alpa that lets you choose between three different high-resolution digital backs. 
Two of them, the A250 and A260, have CMOS sensors that can give you picture resolution of, respectively, 50 and 60 megapixels (MP) while the A280 has a CCD sensor that delivers pictures at 80MP. Read Simones full review here:

#photography   #photo   #photographer  
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Not wrong there Barrie
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Phase One

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We have our second randomly selected winner of the Capture One Print Contest! Congratulations Marcus Schwan.

There's still one more week left for you to join and win a free print of your Capture One Pro 8 image from

Register here:
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Phase One

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Profoto talked with Phase One photographer Alexia Sinclair about the creepiest place she has shot.

Read the interesting article here:
This is the third part of Alexia Sinclair's mesmerising series Into The Gloaming. In this episode she turns a tragic history into a thing of beauty.
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Phase One

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Win a large print of your Capture One Pro 8 image!

Take advantage of the image quality you can get from Capture One Pro 8 and submit your best image to win a free large print from!

Read more and sign up at
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Hi Miguel,
No, there are not too many demands in regards to size.

Looking forward to see your image
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What the world's best photography is made of
This is the official Google+ page of Phase One.

Phase One is the world’s leader in open-platform based medium format camera systems and professional imaging software.

Our products are known for their quality, flexibility and speed enabling professional photographers shooting in a wide range of formats to achieve their creative visions without compromise.

Product portfolio:


Leaf shutter lenses:
LS 28 mm f/4.5 Aspherical
LS 55 mm f/2.8
LS 80 mm f/2.8
LS 110 mm f/2.8
LS 75-150 mm f/4-5.6
LS 150 mm f/3.5
LS 240 mm f/4.5 IF

Focal plane lenses:
AF 28 mm f/4.5
AF 35 mm f/3.5
AF 45 mm f/2.8
AF 80 mm f/2.8
AF 120 mm f/4
MF 120 mm f/4 
TS 120 mm f/5.6
AF 150 mm f/2.8
AF 75-150 mm f/4.5

High-end medium format camera body:

Digital backs:
IQ260 Achromatic
P 65+
P 45+
P 40+
P+ Achromatic


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Capture One Express 7
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