This could be the deal of the century right here (okay, maybe just for 2012 so far). Unlocked 16GB Galaxy Nexus (white or silver) for $460.
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Sam Sun
Still trying to figure out if I'm gonna have to sacrafice anything next month if I take advantage of this ... Man I wish I didn't have so many weddings and baby showers to go to ... Correction, I wish I wasn't so poor that I have to choose between gifts or the Galaxy Nexus LOL
Sam Sun
+Phillip Labossiere according to the website if it's accurate (850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100MHz 3G band) the unlocked Nexus should work fine on T-Mobile's HSPA+
Sam Sun
+Sean McClinton damn, those are tough decisions lol ... If you're not cash strapped like me, I would take advantage of this deal as I don't think the price is gonna drop any lower and use your upgrade to get the HTC One or SGsIII
Sam Sun
+Sean McClinton yeah same here, don't know why they wouldn't make at least a 32gb GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus O_o...???
Sam Sun
+Sean McClinton yeah I remember reading about that and thinking, "well that sucks lol" ... I also heard that the HTC One does not have a manual option in the camera settings anymore if that kind of stuff matters to you or anyone else that happens to stop by in this thread.
Already committed to going to sprint next month in expectation of their g-nex coming out. Please don't delay the release until this summer Sprint ...
Would you say this is the most audacious sale in 500 years? google 500 and audacious if you don't get the reference
It's unclear to me if this phone can handle HSPA+42. Twenty-one mbps, yes. (See numerous Amazon reviews.) The absence of a micro SD card and the weird USB storage treatment are negatives. And the embrace of the insane Google mistake of no cap buttons is a deal-breaker for me. Maybe the HTC One X, or I'll just wait around for my nearly unsupported T989 to get ICS or CM9. But that probably won't be till 2013, if ever.
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