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What do you think, folks? Does this mean anything? Anything at all?! Stop teasing us, +KIT KAT!
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Joe 2
Why the 28th, +Richard Colon ?  I heard it may be this Friday (18th).   But then, I also heard yesterday too.
There's no #AndroidKitKat hashtag so don't hype this!
It's nor the 18th October at 8 o'clock (8 letters) and not at this date at 12:30 (12,5 KitKat bars), and neither the 28th October at 8, 12:30, or 18 o'clock! 
This gives it away "Sometimes you have to look for the signs…" they are obviously trolling us lol!
It's probably supposed to mean something, but it's too cryptic for its own good. As much as we know about this device, it'd probably help to have a little more than "absolutely no information whatsoever."
If you also look, it takes 16 wafers to make "THIS IS IT" and today is the 16th of October so today might be the day :)
+Richard Colon how does that October 28th this is it movie have anything to do with anything? There are 16 bars in the kit kat post, wouldn't that be a more logical conclusion than some random movie of the same title? 
"This Is It" was the name of Michael Jackson's final tour which ended up getting cancelled.  Maybe they've decided not to launch the phone after all ...
8 letters in "this is it" and 2 sentences meaning October 28
Candy for Halloween make sense to me... Just sayin. Or it'll be as traditional as a birthday release.
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