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Wow, you guys are one of the best android sites out there, thanks, and happy thanksgiving!
I Would enjoy One of these for sure!
Sweet contest, look forward to it as I check the site compulsively
I didnt know phandroid did things like this. very sweet.
Wow you guys are simply fantastic.
Ian S
i want to thank phandroid for giving us the chance to win great prizes
Anything to keep my mind off the G-Nex
Rob S
Great contest, happy thanksgiving!
The best part?? MAY work in Italy! <3 you guys!
It's cool you're at least considering 'foreign' winners! First thing we always have to read for in the contest rules as Canucks. Kudos!
The mountain of Kindle Fires is RIDCULOUS!!! Love you guys!
Love phandroid, best for android news and awesome contest.
I can't wait to participate in this everyday!
Phandroid is the best! It's cool to see you and the sponsors giving stuff away!
Jin Woo
Kindle Fire eh? I "guess" i could potentially be happy w/ one of these...
Once again, thank you for always finding away to give back to us! You guys rock!
Awesome contest! Send some Fire my way!
K Prom
Put me down for one, is this a Verizon nexus or gsm?
Cant wait to win something...fingers crossed!
Really sick contest! Thanks Guys!!!
On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the great Android community and the generosity of it's members, especially Phandroid!!!
This is incredible. I could use a kindle fire too!
Great contest for anyone who loves android. Go get em Phandroid.....
This is a truly amazing giveaway, good luck to everyone participating.
Amazing giveaway! Never seen anything like it. GO PHANDROID!
Man I would love to win!!...considering I never win anything, this could be my year...thanks guy!!!
best contest of the season so far.....
C'mon Phandroid! This is fantastic!
I visit this site everyday. Amazing info and they give me all my nexus rumours to make me happy.
thanks for the awesome contest! love it!
I never win these things but I figure I still have to try.
Awesome give away! Good luck everyone!
Thanks, Phandroid! But I thought contests weren't allowed on G+....I really hope I'm wrong though!
Im thankful for phandroid and football ! Awesome contest guys
BAM! Did all three! Hope I win! Happy Turkey Day you crazy kids! Great contest!
Awesome! Love the site. Is this a "give back" or a "pay forward"?
Happy Holidays. Someone will be happy with this contest.
Phandroid rocks...thanks to all sponsors in advance.
could totally use all of the awesomeness in this contest! fingers and toes all crossed
Phandroid and the sponsors already kicked off the holiday season!
good times <!> read this site everyday, and an exciting contest to boot.
This is awesome....very nice holiday treat...THANKS!!
Now is as good a time as any to add you guys to my #Android resources... oh... and free stuff is awesome.
Kindle fire contest is about to light things up for the holiday season!! Woohoo!
Phandroid could make my holiday season complete with new Android goodies.
Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes!
I'd be happy with any of the prizes, although I'd be happier with some some of those prizes(Nexus, Kindle Fire) than others (radioshack phone, t-shirt)
Leave it to phandroid to offer the most amazing holiday contest miracle !!! Tiny Tim would be proud :-)
What a Happy Thanksgiving this would make!
Phandroid is the best android site EVER!
great contest! thanks phandroid!
This is a great idea for the holidays, hope to get a chance at one of these awesome prizes. Thank-you phandroid
You guys are the best! I'm thankful for the Phandroid site and all the great work you do.
Phantastic! Thanks for the giveaway
Yay, presents presents presents!!!
I'm thankful for the stuff you're giving away... Hopefully to me!
I'm planning on getting an ASUS Transformer Prime, but I'm sure my parents would love getting a Kindle Fire.
This contest is almost cooler then but almost doesn't cut it. Lol. It is the coolest contest ever done by phandroid though and I sure hope to win something!
Oh how I need some new android gear! This OG Droid is my love but its getting a little rusty!
Phandroid is going all out for the holidays, bring on the fire! 
Just when I think Phandroid has outdone themselves, they go about and do it again. Best contest ever. I love working for you guys.
i hope u guys can get me a droid device so i can finally get off this iphone band wagon i jumped on for to long
Thanks Phandroid and Sponsors. There are some pretty darn nice prizes in there.
Awesome contest from an awesome site!
Oh, I hope I win one of those Kindle Fires - or a Galaxy Nexus would be really nice too! (so long as it's the Verizon LTE version, LOL!)
Thanks phandroid for your contest I would love to win a kindle fire
Thankful that, despite being Canadian, I have an American shipping address so that I might have a chance to win one of your undeniably awesome prizes! :) Go phandroid!
Thanks for the contest and happy Thanksgiving
How awesome would it be if I won?! Answer: VERY awesome
Roses are red
Violets are unicorn
This poem makes no sense
I wish me luck...ok...I wish everyone good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!
I just discovered this site, and now this contest - awesome!
Great contest. I am going to try my best to go for it everyday.
Nothing like a fire to keep you warm during the winter...
Great contest, from a great source of Android info on G+ and the web! 
Best contest hands down! So excited :D
happy thansgiving to all!!And I am looking forward to the contest!
great way to start the holiday season!
Ooh... cool contest, glad I followed u on twitter prior to this. good luck everyone!
I check phandroid several times a day for the latest tech news,this contest is awesome good luck everyone!
I'm not sure what I'd do with a Kindle Fire, but I'm sure I could figure out something if I win!
Josh C
Happy Thanksgiving I really need a Fire!
Thank you so much for this great news! Look forward to the contest!
Thanks for the contest and happy holidays!
Phandroid rocks!!! My #1 source for Android news!!! Happy Holidays!!!
any tablet will do for me hopeful face
The Kindle Fire would certainly heat up my Christmas gift giving!
Such an amazing contest! Would love to win a Galaxy Nexus. Good luck everyone!
Chris A
Kindle Fire please!
Awesome. Huge "phan" of the contest!
Bonza... gotta be worth a try!
Hope I win, not usually lucky in these things
Happy thanksgiving to all(in the US :)) and to all a good night!
Thank you Phandroid for doing this kind of stuff. and thank you to everyone that made it possible.
That Nexus will look great in my
Kit C
Gimme gimme gimme!
I'm going to be checking the site quite a bit this month, not that I don't already do.
On the twelth day of Crhistmas Phandroid gave to me...
If you want the Very best android news 24/7 is the site to go to
I dont' know how you guys pulled this off but fantastic!
Wow... Not only does this sure give you the latest on android news they turn around and give away gifts. Heck yea good thing I check the sure 20 times a day. Lol
This is great. Nothing like great people who give back the community.
KBBL is gonna give me something stupid!
I can haz Fire now? :)
Great contest! I love reading your stuff!
Don't snooze on Phandroid! The number one place for Android news and now... Wait for it... Huge Holiday Giveaways!!!
This is an amazing holiday contest and the best I have seen! Happy Thanksgiving to the +Phandroid team and thank you!
Can't wait to see if I win! Thanks guys
Turkey's on Fire....that is a picture of a turkey could be on Kindle fire if win happens.
I hope I win! You guys are the best!!
Phandroid makes things happen...
Galaxy Nexus would be the best holiday present imaginable
Happy thanksgiving to Phandroid and all android fanatics! Thankful for Google, Phandroid, and Android Forums!
I FREAKING LOVE +Phandroid!!!!!!!!!!! Beause of you and the developers my phone is now usable. :D Thank you sooooooooo much for your site! Oh and Happy Thanksgiving too!!!!!
my mom would love one of these! it would make the best Christmas present for the best mom ever
Would love to give a Kindle Fire to my mother in law, thanks for the chance to win one!
Way to go phandroid stepping it up in the season of giving
Phandroid and Thanksgiving. What else could a guy want. Best wishes, from a guy who wouldn't mind a Fire on Thanksgiving :)
Happy Thanksgiving Phandroid and friends!!!
This contest represents the three best sites in the world! Google, Amazon, and PHANDROID!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

PS. Rob Jackson, let's keep some kindle-love in Baltimore!
Let the giving commence
kindle fire for meeee please so i can make my mother smile a little more on christmas!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Matt N
thank you for throwing all these contests :D
I need to me i should win. It would mean a lot to me and my family. 
I was thinking of buying one, but winning one would be cooler.
Great place for android update
Galaxy Nexus pleeeeeeeaaaasseee!!! I'm about to seriously occupy Verizon...... Seriously. About to put my droid x through the wall.... :-)
Great place for android update
Great site, can't believe you give away all these great prizes.
Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful for Phandroid!
Thank you! I always knew that santa was a green alien and christmas starts on thanksgiving
The greatest contest ever, you guys never cease to amaze me. Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
Awesome giveaways guys. Christmas is gonna come early for a bunch of people. Hope I'm one of them! 
This is an awesome giveaway, I'll be crossing my fingers. I could really use a kindle fire for my college books in PDF format.
Eric To
Thanks for the giveaway!
Happy Holidays Phandroid! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
Phandroid coming through for the holidays. Freaking Awesome!
Awesome contest. Let the games begin!
Those Kindles Fires look awfully nice! Thanks for all the great Android info throughout the year.
Thanks for the nice contest. Question: How do you have 10 Galaxy Nexus phones when they aren't for sale yet? And does it work on Verizon?
GoGo Phandroid, best android site on the net.
Maybe one of these things would actually cause me to read something more than Playboy. I swear I read the articles!
i win a contest maybe finally pl0x :)
This is such an awesome give away. If this is Thanksgiving, I can't even imagine how much your bag will overfloweth during Christmas. Thanks for being awesome Phandroid!
One of the best contests that I've seen so far!! I would love to have any of these fantastic prizes.
keep up the good work with android related news from around the web. you guys are awesome. thanks :)
My wife and I have been discussing the Kindle Fire since I first found out about it. I've been reading phandroid faithfully since July 2009 and I love you guys. Keep up the awesome work!
Yeah buddy. Love it. So generous.
Phandroid just keeps getting more awesome!
Greetings from Spain! I would gladly pay those shipping fees if I get to be one of the lucky winners ;)
what a great giveaway. hopefully it does cut into my studies too much lol. thanks phandroid!!!
You guys are pulling out the BIG guns! Nice contest!
you guys just took out androidcentral to become my favorite android news (you're way better than a blog) site.
Wow you guys are giving away a lot of stuff
Great Contest Thanks Phandroid
Pretty sweet contest.
And happy Thanksgiving to all!
Fantastic Contest, and thanks for including Google+!
You guys are the best happy Thanksgiving
This contest is incredible! Props to the Phandroid team and a HUGE thank you to all the sponsors. You're going to make a lot of people's holiday season better than they can imagine. #HappyHolidroidContest
Kudos to Phandroid for adding a bit of joy to the holiday season!!! =)
Thanks a ton for the awesome Android News and awesome community relations. You peeps rock!
Would love to win a kindle fire! :D
This is an amazing contest. I hope to win but good luck to all.
This is great! I check phandroid all hours of the day anyways, now I have the chance to win cool stuff!
These are the reasons u have so many of us that follow phandroid. You always give back and thank us for what we do and that is rare these days
Sweeeeet! Phandroid is the only site I truly trust for my day to day needs.
Phandroid the best Android News Website!!!
I would love to win a kindle or tablet
Thanks for Phandroid today. Keep up the good work guys!
Well done on the contest and kudos to the dev for donating the devices to the community :)
Keeping my fingers crossed for a Galaxy Nexus!!!
Trying my luck in this contest. If I am one if the lucky ones, it will be the first time I win any of the contests falling in this genre.
Awesome contest from phandroid, these guys rock. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving Phandroid!!
I want to win toooo :D
I'll choreograph a dance for Phandroid if I win!
You guys rock! Thanks for hosting the awesome contests!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
Happy Thanksgiving! Pick me, please!

Overall rating
A Kindle Fire would be a great addition to my homeschooling! Hint...hint ;)
would totally love one! and a great gift for my mum
You guys are THE best android website ever! I'm addicted to phandroid!
+Rob J and the Phandroid Team: Way to put together a contest more appealing than trying to spin $1 on the Price is Right
Even if I win any contest I would still have to be luck enough for you guys to accept me as the winner being from outside us and all that. Plus I have no idea how much would the shipping cost lol

anyway, this is looking great.
Awesome contest. Thanks homies!
Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being awesome!
I read your blog every day, definitely the best place to get Android news!
Awesome guys. Love the site for new news and just keeps getting better!
Thanks for putting on a great contest, and special thanks to you and all the people/companies providing the prizes!
You guys really help those who enjoy tech but can't afford it. Keep up the giving!
Wow. Phandroid is the 1% if they can give away all this awesome stuff.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone....Great contest, good luck to all.
Entering from the UK here, hope that's OK! 
Happy thanksgiving all! Thanks so much for this contest, phandroid!
I love this android site for all my news, and they also give out free gadgets. sweet win win win
Winner winner, turkey dinner!
You guys are the best and you just keep getting better!
Tony Ho
Awesome sauce of a contest here. Let's see how it turns out! Happy Thanksgiving btw!
Phandroid is the first Android related website I got involved in and I love it! I have them constantly feeding their RSS through Google Reader and want to thank them so much for keeping me up to date on all the latest and greatest Android news and phones! Happy thanksgiving to all!
You guys rock! I hope I win!
Excellen coverage on our favorite open source robot. I use you guys everyday at work, helping my coworkers and customers stay on the right android track. Keep up the good work.
Awesome contest from an awesome website
Sweet deal, and happy thankgiving to all.
+1000 for being the first Phandroid contest not to be a FailBook and/or Twatter exclusive.
Amazing prizes. I didn't realize Phandroid had this kind of power.
That would make a nice Thanksgiving indeed !
KILLER CONTEST PHANDROID!!! You guys have seriously out done yourselves this time! Happy Holidays all!!! =)
I love the mix of social networking and marketing. Thanks
This will be the best contest of its kind to date, I can't wait!
Frank F
ty phandroid for taking care of ur fans if i win it will be for my fiances xmass gift she deserves it
Ken S
You guys rock, keep up the good work!
Nice to see some google+ love. :)
Great contest, fingers officially crossed
Awesome contest! I would love to win! Thanks Phandroid!
I'm aiming for a realll happy Christmas!
Please give me something else to be thankful for!
This giveaway is massive. Wow. I never win anything but one day I'll get lucky. Happy thanksgiving to all.
Phandroid is "the most wonderful site of the year"! "I saw mommy kissing Phandroid!" And any manner of other carol related joy for Phandroid!
Pretty impressive haul, take that Santa!
Good luck to everyone and an extremely happy holidays to everyone who wins.
I check this site as soon as soon as I wake up everyday! What a great idea Phandroid!
Thank you guys and everyone at the androidforums Motorola Triumph page, Especially Ticker and Isaac.
Thanks for the great news site and this contest! Happy Thanksgiving as well!
What a great addition to the holiday season. This will make a lot of people happy.
Thanks to all who donated. I hope something finds its way to my house!
Easily the most epic Holiday contest of the season.
I would like to win...all of the prizes look good....
Gotta love phandroid for hooking up the community with some free android goodies!
What a giveaway!! Kindle fire is on my wish/dream list, cant wait to put down nursing books and pick up the FIRE!!
I sure could use a Kindle Fire to keep me warm during these cold winter nights!
i will be disappointed if i don't win something in this contest
Thanks phandroid! Good luck everyone.
Here"s to winning Good Luck everyone. Phandroid#1
that's awesome
just woke up at 5am my time and this news made my eyes wide open O.O
may the luckiest person win :D
I'm sucks when it comes to luck :(
Jaro O.
Is this still on guys? Saw the post on G+, and even though I'm UK based, I'll try my luck.. Surely there's no bloody chance, but I just give it a go..
lo maximo de la binotinto venezuela por siempre
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