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An "extremely reliable source" claims Google will open its own stores by the end of the year. Let's just hope they do better than when they sell devices online....
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I feel like a Google store would be part store and part playground.
I don't think Google have it in their DNA or even care about being good retailers 
+Karthik Ponnusamy haha yeah right. They'll hire retail-saavy mgmt, just like many companies do. It's all baby steps. 
This is great for consumers but it's also awesome people like me in sales who have always dreamt of working at Google but aren't engineers or developers of some kind!
Go apply +Justin Crouch  (research or perhaps get in contact with your local Google office). Be that evangelist :)
They should build one right next door to every Apple store, in a perfect world, that is.
They'll do inventory mgmt with the vendors, like any retail store would have. I'd imagine they'd get special order priority too to ensure a satisfactory supply for Retail operations.

This is Retail 101 folks, they'll hire specialists that excel in this domain ... why is this so hard to understand? Google hires fantastic people, it'll flow to a Retail presence.
No worries, these aren't opening till year-end if the rumors are indeed true. And I assume the Motorola X phones are what they'll be pimping (who Google OWNS). Profit!

I'm seriously considering going to Google I/O if I can snag tickets, and hope the X phone is given out to attendees.
+Diego De Barbieri such broad statements which aren't true and aren't exactly clear lol. So they can 'handle the stock product' but fail with every product? Huh?

Fail is subjective and what visor you want to see it at. Nexus 4, 7, and 10 aren't failures, that's your own negative perspective talking. Yout want to complain about N4 or N7 shortages, that's fine but doesn't denote a failure. Then Apple has failed too for their occasional inventory 'shortages'.  They're well-reviewed and well-received products.

If Motorola who is owned by Google (and will get priority for any orders) will ensure inventory stock for any X-related products. You and I have no clue on what products are going to be offered, only subjective opinions. I personally think they'll focus initially on products in which they own the end-to-end (hardware / software) experience.

If you're trying to mention about supporting all devices which use the Android OS, well that's completely unknown what the stores would actually support. If you're attempting to discuss international support and availability (like to Santiago for example), I'd be surprised if any stores aren't initially located only in the US. Given international laws / trade / etc. limit what intl' users can do w/o rooting and installing custom roms. 
+Diego De Barbieri  I'll guess that you must have not gone to business school. No, that's not a failure. Failure means something entirely different. That's much too harsh. Only fanboys or zealots (or drama folks) would call it that.

For example N4 is on the vendor LG. Now I'll give you that LG should be heavily heavily scrutinized by Google for any future Nexus development (given that they;re prioritizing their own Optimus phones for inventory, which are near copies of the N4). As for the N7 Google has realized with their very 1st tablet that there's actual substantial demand for a great moderate-priced tablet. Did they miscalculate production needs with those tablet launches? It seems that way. It is relatively easily fixable (assuming the chosen vendor has the capacity and contractual commitment to produce a certain amt of quantity at a certain quality level? Yeah it is, welcome to manufacturing / supply mgmt 101.

By the time Nexus 5 or hardware refreshes of N7 / N10 comes out, and with a possible retail presence coming, I personally have no doubt that they'll ensure any future direct partner for Nexus or X products will have contract language and oversight in place to ensure this doesn't happen again. Not with their flagship devices.

And I'm not a blind fanboy by any means, I'm a longtime corporate business person. Let's be super honest, there's no major clamoring for tablets or N4 by 'the masses'. That's what a Google retail store will help with, increase mindshare to the public. It'll help to further put Google in the forefront of the average retail buyer. Google to be sure has to what I call 'bulletproof' their supply chain. One of the best ways is to use top-flight vendors (Hi Sony!) or leverage Motorola whom is now part of Google (they couldn't do that before, it takes time to get on Product roadmaps which are created months -> years in advance).

This isn't rocket science by any means. Any good company takes a harsh, honest look at themselves on a consistent basis, learns what they have to improve on, and then builds a viable action plan to put those recommendations in place. Google in just one facet has already shown glimpses of that with their push to improve and make more cohesive the UI across the board. They hire fantastic people, it's not simply limited to technology folks. That's why there shouldn't be excess hyperbole about 'failures'. Missed opportunities to increase market share with their first year delivering hardware in your name? Sure I'll buy that. It's just hard to take someone seriously when phrases like that are used. Geez.
This is a really stupid idea. I hope the increased costs and overhead now won't result in an increase in the price of their devices.
+Brian Olmstead my  friend's experience is that this is what Microsoft does, they locate their retail stores in malls across from the Apple stores hahaha
Again, silly hyperbole and unnecessary rigid viewpoints that it must be either black or white. True business folks work in the 'shades of grey' / nuance. 
I'll chalk this back / forth to Latino passion. Live well down there in Chile my friend
It'll be in a year, and assumes they actually launch the stores by the Christmas shopping holiday season (which they should definitely do). Figure NYC and I'll guess SF (although that's Google's hometown)
Yeah, I listened to it a few weeks ago. That was my point I was trying to make.

Larry's a smart guy. They know what they have to do on the supply-side.  Better forecasting, negotiate and monitor performance of their suppliers (cough LG now, I'd choose another vendor personally like Sony for the next Nexus). That stuff is fixable to be sure. If Google plans retail stores, they have to do it right the 1st time. Bring your A-game. I know that was your sentiment as well.
Still at it? LOL. Retail industry doesn't as Google still needs to increase retail mindshare to have relevance, that's how proper business evaluates it. What negative impact from the retail side from #s perspective? Is anyone in large #s running away from buying their branded phones the next time? Not really, it's just fanboys whining.

Disappointment internally, especially when they swing for the fences and don't accept incremental improvements? Sure, his vision & expectations for the company demonstrates that, I'd expect him as CEO to note that as he's the leading spokesman. I'm pretty sure I've lived through that expectation much more that you, with a decade of Wall Street experience working for high-expectation CEOs. Retail failure is different, from a Finance and Economics perspective. Wouldn't expect you to understand it. You've demonstrated that already lol. Just reviewing your LinkedIn profile, nope you wouldn't. Sigh.
Well, just like there was no Chromebook Pixel per Google ... until there was ... and then they officially announced it several weeks later. We'll see. I could see that they want to tap down any expectation and long-term discussion if they will or won't, given the rumours suggested a launch by year-end. That's a looooong time to have the public and press to comment on such a launch.

Andy's statement on this may very well be true. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see store launches within a year. I want to see what Goggle I/O and any possible new mid-summer product announcements brings.
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