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Peter Ståhlberg
Galenpanna med många tankar och ideer ;-)
Galenpanna med många tankar och ideer ;-)

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Detta är något jag och andra har förespråkat i åratal. Samhället, dess ekonomi och hur vi förhåller oss till produktion vs konsumtion måste ändras. Annars kommer vi inte ha något alls att förhålla oss till inom kort. Politiskt dravvel måste upphöra. DETTA är det stora problemet och DEN stora utmaning vi står inför. Ignorera den på egen risk!
Att inbilla sig att denna process inte pågår i hela världen är kriminellt naivt.
Politiker som ej förstår detta eller vägrar att ta ställning borde lämna sin post till förfogande med omedelbar verkan...
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Stor varning. Fick idag ett SMS från okänd källa med okänd bilaga med texten "här är meddelandet vi pratade om". Det var designat så att det lockar till att öppna bilagan.
RADERA omgående och rör inte bilagan. Blockera nummret om du vill. Men det är viktigt att SMS raderas. Sprid denna uppmaning till alla för detta är skadligt för dig då det sannolikt är virus som avlyssnar personlig info såsom kreditkortsnummer, lösenord osv. Identitetsstöld är en bitch om man drabbas av det.
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Solus3 running from a live cd on a 2011 mac mini. Everything working perfectly except bluetooth keyboard (expected) and fan controls. The latter easily fixed. Sound mix better than macosx. Looks amazing on 27" Cinemascreen. This will give new life to this computer at a later date. Greetings from sweden!

In general you are recommended to take notes and maybe even make flow charts. To document and make the project clear. It makes things easier. I understand this.
But my mind do not work like that. I code more like I build in Minecraft. It usually starts off quite primitive and crappy. Then it slowly transforms over time to something more advanced and much better. One small piece at a time. Normally due to me learing something new or simply getting a better version of the original ide in my head.
This way of doing things is much, much slower. But I can not do it any other way. So it is this or nothing, despite the drawbacks....

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I know, I know. It is not much. But at least I'm trucking along ;-)

This might not look like much. But it actually contains quite alot of framework code which lays the ground of future functions, of which nearly nothing shows graphically yet...

Future projects:
I have a growing urge to make two programs.

One is a stock market program to keep track of stock transaktions. It will also have a limited set of predictability functions. As well as analyze.

I would like to make a text and ascii/ansi based strategy/sim game on the bigger scale. I would very much like to "simulate" space ship systems, resources and stuff like that. In terms of details think Dwarf Fortress in space.
But since this is something huge the probabilty of it ever seeing the light of day is shaky at best :)

As a side note I would also like to build on my understanding of how PB works, so I can reduce the moments of frustration when I simply can not get stuff to work - which annoys me to no end.

Ok, so time has gone by. A lot of time.
When I last posted it was christmas and new year 2016.
Now the summer has come and gone. We are rapidly walking into late autumn and soon winter. Sorry for that. But life takes it tolls.
During this time (in april 2017) I finally took the step and dumped windows on my main gaming and streaming machine. The final choice fell upon Linux Manjaro 16.x 64-bit (now 17.x). My secondary is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 but Solus3 is rapidly gaining on this one.
So windows is gone on native hardware. I still use virtual machine however.
My macs are still running. But Snow Leopard, no matter how good I think it is, is slowly loosing ground. In january 2018 Dropbox is dropping (no pun intended) its support. Chrome already is way behand the curve. So that is a thing.

Now, in the mean time I have been coding a bit. I have alot of modules I re-use in small projects and fun stuff. So I do not have to re-invent the wheel every time. Most of them I have made newer and better. Since I have learned a few things.
I've also begun building a framework which might one day become a private stock (as in the stock market) program. IF this ever happens I'll wait making judgement on. On at least two occations I have shoved my head into a virtual wall and simply quit in pure frustration. But so far my brain has managed to overcome the issues after a period of time off from coding. We will see what it leads to.
But I have to say that at least some of this frustration comes from the way Purebasic does things. Which my poor brain has real troubble getting to grips with now and again.
I will try to post more code snippets too :-)

In regards to object based versus procedural:
I'm not a natural coder in the sense as I have a natural talent. Also I'm from the days way back then (think 88-89) when the Commadore Amiga was the epicenter of computing.
Me and a friend used to send a 3,5" inch floppy back and forth via (snail) mail. Each building a small program. One brick at the time. Also with the goal of doing something new (better or cooler) than the last thing added. This was in the OLD days of Amiga Basic (ironically made by Microsoft). Later I went further with Amos and Amos Pro. Also a bit Blitz Basic (which later became Blitz Basic (3D) on the windows platform). So my brain has kind of became hard wired to procedureal thinking. Whithout it I'm dumb as a rock.
In other words a pure hobby coder. Nothing more and nothing less.

But having said that I do find programming very creative. It is a grey area where art and logic meet to have some kind of mental orgie with eachother. ;-)
But for me it is also an subject of contention. I have a kind of love-hate realtionship to the whole thing. On one hand I do love when both logic and creativity meed and create this wonderful feeling of wonder. I have that with me from the early old days.
But then it can also frustrate me to no end when I simply do not understand how to do a particular thing. Or why something do not work. Even worse, how something work so I can change and modify it.
This creates a VERY slow workflow indeed. Most things I do a talented coder could do in 1/10 of the same time. Maybe even faster. But then again, I'm not making a living by programming. I do it for fun.
I still consider Blitz Basic 3D the best (for me) language outside the Amiga Sphere. But I make do with Purebasic, since it is the only one meeting my requirements.
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