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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
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This is the story of Corky — she's been in a tank longer than ANY ORCA in the U.S.

OrcaLab's Dr. Paul Spong has been following her family for decades in the wild & wants to bring her home to a seaside sanctuary in British Columbia.
Experts believe that Corky still recognizes the cries of her family pod decades after being taken from the ocean and stuck in a tiny tank.
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Vegetarian Cookout!

We want to invite people interested in vegetarianism to a vegetarian cookout in the fire pit of the North Lawndale Peace Park Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 2 to 5pm

Hi we are inviting people interested in vegetarianism to come join us at 2101 S. Spaulding Ave. Chicago, Illinois, 60623. This is where the North Lawndale Peace Park is located. We are going to be cooking vegetarian food at this park in the fire pit. We want to teach people how to cook vegetarian food. People wanting to find out more about this event can send email to This event is planned for Saturday, September 24 from 2 to 5pm. Please help us reach people interested in learning about vegetarian food or trying vegetarian food.

Try out vegetarian cooking over fire. Delicious meal. Try it you’ll like it!
Learn about cooking vegetarian.
See the all new Peace Park near the Kedzie pink line stop.

For more information, send email to

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Today is #ElephantAppreciationDay. Nosey's sad story shows why you should NEVER ride an elephant.
Nosey the elephant has been abused, neglected, and forced to perform mindless tricks for years. She doesn't deserve a life sentence of pain.
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This type of animal abuse needs to stop immediately. This elephant is
currently going through through alot of pain and suffering and that abusive
trainer needs to be brought to justice and arrested and thrown in jail for
abusing that poor helpless and defenseless elephant, Nosey. It really is a
true sad case for this elephant to be severely abuse by that abusive
trainer and to be going through alot of agony and torture. It's time for
something to be done to end this type of cruelty to all animals and for the
Law Enforcement Officials to confiscate Nosey from that abusive trainer
once and for all.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 12:04 PM, Google+ (PETA (People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals)) <****@**> wrote:
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Oasis Storm was pregnant when she was shot to death at the school — this is the fetus of her unborn baby.
Texas A&M University–Commerce neglected and then shot a suffering pregnant horse—cutting out her foal for a classroom exercise. Speak up now!
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I fucking hate that people do that I don't do that what the fuck the people who do this are f7cking messed up
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Thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown, California has become the FIRST STATE to ban captive orca breeding, ensuring that future generations of orcas will not endure the deprivation, stress, & frustration of being trapped in a tiny concrete tank.
As PETA celebrates this historic move, we urge people everywhere to think of this as a first step — & help protect orcas by steering clear of abusement parks like SeaWorld until all the animals held in captivity are moved to seaside sanctuaries.
SHARE to show Jerry Brown <3
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Such great news! 
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Animals bludgeoned, gassed, & worse 
PetSmart's supply chain is rife with suffering—yet the pet store chain continues to sell living beings as if they were squeaky toys.
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If you wouldn't do this to an animal yourself, don't pay for someone else to.
If you love your dog and you're wearing leather shoes, you really need to see number three.
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La hipocresia entre la gente me sorprende, decimos que nos gustan o que amamos a los animales, pero tal como explica el reportaje, si le ocurre a un perro en China, me da igual, porque no es mi perro. Pero para mí, que amo a los animales, no me gustan las pieles, ni los productos de cuero, no como carne y evito comer hasta #gelatina, asi como productos que no son "libres de crueldad animal" (NO animal tested)  Nadie me "regala" nada de piel, para mi es un insulto.
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This might be the fastest way to remind someone they're eating body parts… #ReasonsToGoVegan
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Watch these animals find loving homes after being transported from overburdened shelters in flood-ravaged Louisiana.
The kitty’s reaction at 1:29 is everything ❤️
PETA's rescue teams transported 62 animals from overwhelmed shelters in flood-ravaged Louisiana to Virginia—watch some of them meet their new families.
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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus may not have elephants on the road anymore — but Carson & Barnes Circus still does. And this is how they “train” them.
Carson & Barnes has to stop ignoring Bunnie’s pervasive, seemingly painful leg problem.
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Are the less “popular” animals at SeaWorld treated even worse?
Betsy, a Commerson's dolphin, was taken from the ocean in 1983 and died at SeaWorld in 2016 after she was shipped across the country.
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Corky has been in captivity longer than any orca EVER. It's time she retired to a spacious ocean sanctuary.
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Yo ya evisto una
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A bystander says he saw a carriage driver SCREAMING at the horse to make the green light.

When will this archaic hell for horses end?
A bystander saw the carriage driver "screaming for the horse to make the green light."
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Breaks my heart
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The largest animal rights organization in the world.
PETA, with more than 3 million members and supporters, is the largest animal rights organization in the world.