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Perry Belcher
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Holly Geez, is that really you Perry?
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Perry Belcher

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Perry Belcher

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Good stuff Perry.  
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Perry Belcher

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Hello Perry, we're thinking of looking to working with you, can we talk please. Thankyou.
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Perry Belcher

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This is what I'm talking about. Great Stuff +Perry Belcher! #Remarketing  
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Perry Belcher

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Perry Belcher

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Great stuff! +Anthony Limpert  #Shoelaceplace
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Perry Belcher

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c'est merveilleuse film

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Prolific Copywriter, Dynamic Marketer, and Serial Entrepreneur.
Seriously Bad Ass Marketer & Neurological Copywriter With a Gift From God.

Over the past two decades, Perry has been involved in dozens of business ventures.  From his humble beginnings with sales in the 1990s, Perry has honed his tools and techniques, resulting in sales of millions of dollars in goods and services. Now, Perry wants to share his strategies with others to help them succeed with their own businesses.

Having had his hands in many aspects of the business world.  He has launched countless online businesses, from survival preparedness to industrial supplies, finance, and DIY initiatives.  Over time, Perry has figured out what works, perfecting his methods while leaving the inefficient or inconsistent parts behind.  This has helped Perry to become one of the most skilled digital marketers in recent times.  He understands how difficult it can be for a new business to enter a crowded marketplace, standing out from competitors and growing in a positive direction.  With his methods, other businesses can share in the successes he has had.

Digital marketing isn’t Perry’s only area of expertise.  He is continually reinventing himself, adding new facets to his many skills whenever the opportunity arises.  He is best described as a serial entrepreneur, with venture capitalism projects, book publishing triumphs, and a successful consulting business all under his belt.  In fact, his business consulting is so in demand that it afforded him the opportunity to co-found the Digital Marketer consultancy in Austin, Texas.  Digital Marketer (DM) offers businesses courses and webinars in many aspects of improving web traffic, boosting conversion rates, and engaging with new and existing customers as the business grows.   DM has revolutionized business growth with the concept of Customer Value Optimization, which:

  • Brings in new customers
  • Boosts the transaction value of each customer
  • Improves the number of transactions per customer
Perry can teach companies how to tweak their sales copy and web content to engage with their clients, building brand loyalty that is so crucial for business growth.  He stresses continually testing website content delivery and performance for the purposes of improving the conversion rate, which is the occurence of turning website visitors into paying customers.  More visitors = more revenue.

Belcher is an expert in the use of social media platforms to share his business acumen with thousands of followers from around the globe.  He shows companies how they can leverage engagement with their own social media presences on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube.  These platforms represent an inexpensive way to attract new customers to any business, while giving established customers the information they need to remain loyal.  Social media also improves a company’s branding, which Perry can personally demonstrate with his worldwide following.

If that’s not all, Perry has also authored a number of popular business titles on a range of business topics.  His bookwriting is a natural extension of his exhaustive blog posting and video content, all of which he uses to share his skills and methods with others who want to enjoy the business successes he’s been savvy enough to land.

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Host of the largest Traffic & Conversion conference in North America.
  • University of Kentucky (PCC)
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Marketing Trainer, Author & Speaker
Selling, The Secret Seling System, SEO, Catch the book on how to be an SEO expert.
  • Touchstone Publishing
    Marketing Trainer, Author & Speaker, present
    Author, Investor, Marketer, and I love Selling, The Secret Selling System is coming soon, it's a new book for business owners to improve their success at selling, what do I know about selling? I have been hired as a Business Consultant for million Dollar Businesses, I have been selling online and from stage for years and I've been a marketing consultant for so long, it's kind of hard to say when I started. I guess Traffic and Conversion Summit, could kick off of my event speaking career. That started really in 2008. I also do SEO, Catch the book on how to be an SEO expert.
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Austin, TX
Paducah, KY - Memphis, TN