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Plant-based diets may naturally be providing a shotgun approach to cancer prevention by using a wide variety of beneficial compounds to target multiple pathways that cancer stem cells use to survive.

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Why bother to find a health care provider or make an appointment?

The annual check-up of the past is undergoing a total transformation, so if you haven’t had a #wellness visit in a while, it might be time to check it out.
More from Penn State Hershey's Medical Minute: #research #doctors #health

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Fueled by a lifelong love of #magazines, Lyndsay Green, who earned her Penn State #journalism degree in 2010, took her interest in #travel and created Beauty Atlas — a digital magazine that showcases how people from all corners of the globe view #beauty.

What are the styles? What kind of natural resources do some regions have that others do not? How do different cultures define “beautiful?”

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For the fourth year in a row, Penn State has received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, making it one of only 83 U.S. colleges and universities to receive the prestigious recognition. #WeAre
#Diversity #Inclusion #University

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What should you do when someone asks you to write a letter of recommendation or to serve as a #reference and for whatever reason you are not comfortable serving in this capacity and you are not sure how to respond to the request?
Penn State's Ask an Ethicist discusses the do's and don'ts:

#Career #resume #jobs

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“This course is giving students a huge opportunity to get more information on STEM fields and what it would be like to work in STEM, along with learning more about themselves.”
Addressing the STEM crisis through #career development, from Penn State College of Education:

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Penn State Schreyer Honors College alumnus, Luke Brezovec’s dual love for #science and #art has lead him to taking #photographs all over the world.

Brexovec, who conducted #research at the University of Cambridge through a Schreyer Honors College International Research Grant in the fall of 2013, traveled to various countries including: #Belgium, #Italy and #Poland. Brexovec, who will be attending Stanford this fall for his doctorate in #neuroscience, hopes to publish a book of all his photos from his various travels.

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Penn State researcher Demian Saffer has been helping to lead several international teams focused on installing new #earthquake monitoring equipment in #Japan.
Read more about the Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences geoscientist's #research:

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The Penn State Hershey #Medical Minute: The importance of catching and treating #sepsis early:

*S*lurred speech

*E*xtreme shivering, fever, very cold or muscle pain

*P*assing no urine (in a day)

*S*evere breathlessness

I feel like I might die”

*S*kin mottled or discolored #PennState #research #health

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“The aim of this project is to accelerate the development of the next generation of conjugated polymers for flexible electronics,” said Gomez. “By developing computational tools and examining molecular design rules, we will be able to better predict the electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of polymers to advance the development of new materials to create flexible electronic devices.”

The #research, led by Enrique Gomez, associate professor of chemical engineering at Penn State, will lay the foundation for predicting the mechanical and conductive properties of these #polymers from their chemical structure. #NSF #NationalScienceFoundation
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