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Nom nom nom—I just scored 20180 points playing Google #MsPacMaps! Join the game here:,100.487812

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It's been a while.
So, here... have some #freckleFriday goodness!


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Now this is something I can get behind!!

#ingress #LuxAdventure #ExplorerBadge 
You have a mission this September, and a unique and memorable reward awaits you at the end of this quest.

History is filled with great adventures. Some of the earliest such as The Odyssey by Homer are the stuff of legends. We want you to experience more of the world around you, meet new people, make new friends, and organize trips to places that you have yet to visit and explore. Create your adventure in the real world with Ingress.

Visit 300 new unique portals during the month of September to earn the Via Lux Adventurer medal. This medal will serve as a celebration of the experiences you found along the way.

The top 25% of those who exceed 300 new unique portals visited will instead earn a special version of the medal: The Lux Odyssey… a permanent testament to your epic voyage.

Share your adventures this September on social media using #Ingress and #LuxAdventure.

* All time Unique Portal Visits starting Sept 1st 00:01:00 UTC and ending Sept 30th at 23:59:00 UTC will count toward this medal.


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Lisbon is getting a visit from the famous NL-1331.

Save. The. Date. 18-Sep-2016

#ingress   #NL1331  
Here we go again! Agents we are excited to announce the official #NL1331 europe tour! This is our biggest adventure yet and we have a lot in store for the new anomaly series! Below are a list of cities we will be visiting. Look for rsvp pages to go up in the next couple days.

8/1/2016 Monday Hamburg, Germany
8/3/2016 Wednesday Luxembourg, Luxembourg
8/5/2016 Friday Stuttgart , Germany
8/6/2016 Saturday Munich, Germany
8/8/2016 Monday Zurich, Switzerland
8/10/2016 Wednesday Milan, Italy
8/11/2016 Thursday Rome, Italy
8/13/2016 Saturday Graz, Austria
8/15/2016 Monday Zagreb, Croatia
8/17/2016 Wednesday Budapest, Hungary
8/19/2016 Friday Vienna, Austria
8/20/2016 Saturday Bratislava, Slovakia
8/22/2016 Monday Brno Czech, Republic
8/24/2016 Wednesday Prague , Czech Republic
8/27/2016 Saturday Wroclaw, Poland
8/30/2016 Tuesday Berlin, Germany
8/31/2016 Wednesday Dortmund, Germany
9/1/2016 Thursday Dusseldorf, Germany
9/3/2016 Saturday Amsterdam, Netherlands
9/4/2016 Sunday Rotterdam, Netherlands
9/6/2016 Tuesday Brussels, Belgium
9/8/2016 Thursday London, UK
9/10/2016 Saturday Manchester, UK
9/11/2016 Sunday Birmingham, UK
9/13/2016 Tuesday Paris, France
9/15/2016 Thursday Toulouse, France
9/17/2016 Saturday Porto, Portugal
9/18/2016 Sunday Lisbon, Portugal
9/20/2016 Tuesday Madrid, Spain
9/21/2016 Wednesday Barcelona, Spain
9/24/2016 Saturday Cologne, Germany

#NLE +Ingress​​ 

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This past weekend we had our very own Mission Day in Cascais.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to spend a beautiful sunny day in Cascais, while doing missions and socializing.

Shout-out to +Rute Frutuoso +Henrique Carrega and +Paulo Costa for helping in making this an awesome event!

See you all at the next event! o/

#ingress   #missionday   #cascais  
+John Hanke +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +Masashi Kawashima +Carlie Chiu 
Last week, 225 #Ingress agents from 3 continents gathered in Cascais for the second Portuguese #IngressMissionDay , in partnership with the municipal council of #Cascais (
Under a bright hot sun, they had to complete at least 12 out of 26 eligible missions to get their #MissionDay medal counter incremented.
Thus, they were able to discover some of the little gems of this coastal town located 30km West of Lisbon: former Palace of the Counts of Guarda, a natural formation known as Boca do Inferno, Palácio Seixas, Parque Marechal Carmona, …
Many of the visiting agents were able to immerge themselves into the Portuguese culture during this week-end as Lisbon was celebrating National Day (with arraiais populares, bifana stands and beer everywhere), its patron Saint Anthony of Padua (with public weddings, grilled sardinhas, a procession and a big parade) and… the national football/soccer team playing in Euro2016.

During this #MissionDay , I reached the 10,000km walked milestone, the equivalent of a quadruple Onyx #Trekker medal, #ruckgress -ing on the hills of the region with my #GORUCK #GR2 .
I met some great companions while visiting Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais:+Marius H Tronstad,+Christian Skarpsno,+Nuno Ferreira,+Martin Brenner,+Linhu Li,+Thomas Selbstversuch,+G. H. Aenielida,+Mrs Aenielida and their undercover children from the #ATeam .
Many thanks to the welcoming Ingress Portugal communities, and their PoCs:+Henrique Carrega,+Paulo Costa,+Rute Frutuoso and +Pedro Luiz de Castro. Also thanks to agent @reaperfromhell and his family who hosted me and gifted me bottles of local wines (don't hesitate to ask if you want more French blue cheese!).

#MissionDayCascais #VisitCascais #IngressTravels +Ingress
+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Archit Bhargava +Andrew Krug +John Hanke +GORUCK +GORUCK HQ +Emily Dent +Joel Phillips
#MissionDay Cascais 11/06/2016
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Have: Jahan, Moyer 2015
Want: Devra, PAC2016

Thanks +Raymond Andrews​ and +Chin-Wen Wang​ for the smooth trades! ;)

HO or Telegram ( )

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Don't forget to bring some sunscreen! ;)

#ingress   #missionday   #cascais  
Agents, for the explorers and mission lovers amongst you, we are excited to announce two more Mission Day! One will take place in beautiful Cascais in Portugal on Saturday, June 11th. Register here:

The second Mission day will take place in the wonderful Taguig, Philippines on Sunday, June 12th coinciding with their 118th Independence Day. Register here:

Register to receive email notifications on the details on agenda, timings and missions. Happy hacking!
#IngressMissionDay #Ingress
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Great experience... but pain... pain all over... can't move!

#ingress  #enlightened #goruck
Score Update - Rotterdam Urban Ops - FINAL

Reports have come in that the Enlightened have edged out the Resistance at the #AegisNova  Urban Ops in the Netherlands. There appear to have been "Crab Walk Relays" involved. We sure are glad you Agents prepared yourselves mentally and physically beforehand, because Crab Walks ... well ... glad you survived!

More challenge details coming soon!

Rotterdam Urban Ops, Endex
ENL 3 // RES 1

#GORUCK +Ingress ​ #ruckgress 
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Don't be hated.
Think before you link! ;)

#ingress   #wurstlinks   #yololinks   #pistoleiro  
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