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I usually don't think outside the box, I create my own box.
I usually don't think outside the box, I create my own box.


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Honored to win the best facial surgeon award at The Aesthetic Show conference in Las Vegas. With special thanks to Dr Orden and all the distinguished judges. #simoniplasticsurgery #plasticsurgery #facelift #bestplasticsurgeon

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Dr. Simoni is presenting Simoni Lift with an exciting new twist "utilizing human glue to glue the skin back to the face to decrease swelling, bruising, and pain". #plasticsurgery #beverlyhills #simoniplasticsurgery #drsimoni

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#celebritymonday Iggy Azalea's plastic surgeon boasted about his work on The People Magazine. “Her nose had a really weird shape to it,” he said. “The tip was very twisted and very wide and boxy." However, Iggy on the Ellen Show admitted to having a rhinoplasty done but she said that it is pretty similar to before and she really did not really need it. "It was a big waste of money" Ellen responded. Iggy responded by saying she did not think it was worth the backlash. Who do you think is exaggerating ? #iggyazalea #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #simoniplasticsurgery #beverlyhills #rhinoplasty

Payman Simoni review by Mojgan T. on Google.
Words can't express how happy I am that I chose Dr Simoni. He is a truly talented and a caring plastic surgeon. I had a rhinoplasty 8 months ago and I am extremely happy with the final results. Throughout the process, he was very easy to talk to and he listened to what I wanted. He gave me the pros and cons on the different options, which made me feel that he cared about my needs. I had previously gone to other consultations and the recommendations given to me were based on their own opinions rather than listening to what I wanted. He asked a lot of questions to learn what my ultimate goal was. That to me is very important. Surgery is pretty scary, Dr Simoni made me feel so confident about my choice and I couldn't be any happier.

From Dr Simoni reviews on Yelp: I just wanted to give my short review of my experience with my recent Rhinoplasty with Dr Simoni!
First of all, the staff was beyond amazing!
Second, Dr. Simoni was so nice and explained everything in detail leaving me with no worries or nervousness before my surgery.
Third, the anesthesiologist listened to every word I said and I woke up with ZERO nausea!

I haven't seen my entire new nose yet, but based on my experience so far I'm super excited!
I was so nervous until I walked into the office and everyone was so amazing!

I highly recommend Dr. Simoni and will definitely be back for all my plastic surgery needs! Ryan H. Visit For more of dr Payman simoni reviews

Dr Payman simoni review by Julie M on Yelp
Thirty four years ago I was in an accident and my nose suffer a lot of damage. A plastic surgeon did the reconstruction in Lima Peru and used a silicone insert to lift the bridge of my nose. The surgery was not a success, and as a result I was not able to breathe. I went to another plastic surgeon, years later here in the United States, he advised me that injecting silicone at the tip of the nose would give me the appearance of a lift, but it was far from it. I started experiencing constant pain from an acute infection that would not go away, as a result of the silicone, I also began to have more trouble breathing through my nose and was very concerned that I would never be able to have a good quality of life. During this time I went to many doctors including the doctor that injected the silicone, but they were scared to touch me, and refused any type of surgery or procedure.

My life changed three weeks ago, when I met Dr. Payman Simoni. He was referred to me by my daughter, who was very concerned for my health.
When I went to my appointment I understood the great risk that I was in. Dr. Simoni estimated six months for the infection to completely internally destroy the tissues in my nose and eventually not be able to be saved. He was very concerned for my life. He scheduled my surgery right away. Today a week after the surgery, my life has changed thanks to this amazing, generous, talented and compassionate man, I am able to breathe, my nose is not in constant pain, it looks beautiful and there is no bruising.The whole experience from beginning to end was impressive, he has an amazing team of professionals working with him. The nurses, receptionists and others were great!

He is an excellent Dr. simoni , I am so grateful to have found him! You Visit For more of dr Payman simoni reviews

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Happy hump day , A rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures. To ensure a natural result Dr. Simoni recommend a rhinoplasty specialist. #simoniplasticsurgery #rhinoplasty #beverlyhills #plasticsurgery

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Non surgical nose job: Watch the full story on our YouTube channel "drsimoni".
💉 material used: radiesse
😴 anesthesia: none, local
😱pain level: minimal
⏱ procedure time: 15 minutes
💵 cost: $1200
⌛️ longevity: a few years 📱: (310) 776 6945. 💻
#nonsurgicalrhinoplasty #nonsurgicalnosejob #nosejobwithoutsurgery #beverlyhills #simoniplasticsurgery

Dr Simoni review on Yelp by Meli P.
Originally, I was motivated by a desire for a sexier face, but I wasn't sure exactly what I needed. When I met with Dr. Simoni for a consultation, he recommended a cheek & lip augmentation. After going home and thinking about it further, I decided to just go for it! For the cheek augmentation, he recommended Restylane Lyft and Juvederm for the lips. I am very happy with the results! #drsimonireview #paymansimoni #drsimoni

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Refining a wide nasal tip is one of the most complex type of rhinoplasty surgeries. To ensure a great outcome it is vital to seek a rhinoplasty specialist.
😴 anesthesia : General
😱 pain level: None
🤕 downtime: 7 days
⌛️ procedure time: 2 hours
💵 cost: approx $10,000
🏩 #beverlyhills
📱 310 776 6945
#simoniplasticsurgery #drsimoni #rhinoplasty #nose #nosejob #facialplasticsurgery #plasticsurgery #beauty #beverlyhillsplasticsurgery #la #hollywood #celebrity #happypatient
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