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Paul Jacobson
Enthusiast, writer, strategist & photographer. #InboundMarketing Specialist. Passionate about Gina and #proudDad. Allergic to stupid
Enthusiast, writer, strategist & photographer. #InboundMarketing Specialist. Passionate about Gina and #proudDad. Allergic to stupid
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I really hope that +Google Photos adds the capability to handle RAW images and a couple more editing options. +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is becoming really sluggish on my aging MacBook Air and really frustrating to use.


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This makes me want to be a student again! I would have loved to have technology like this when I was studying!

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I can't help but think this could be Google answer to criticism about its fragmented and duplicated messaging options. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

With IM-style capabilities embedded in your former-SMS app that comes standard on the majority of devices, who needs to go to the extra effort of installing 3rd party messaging apps?

#rcs #messaging
Google’s mission to replace SMS with RCS messaging just took a major step forward globally

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"Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people"

More than 70 years later we still have our own dictators who promise to protect their citizens from perceived enemies from convenient threats.

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Still support Trump? Have you no self-respect?

The latest news about Donald Trump's attitudes towards women doesn't really shock me. I am still amazed that people support Trump.

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Family photos - a generational thing

Family photos are immensely important to me. They are our memories and I make a point of capturing as much as I can and storing them for future generations.

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Ancient Hebrew texts emerges from the ashes

A group of scientists have collaborated to recover portions of the En-Gedi scroll, ancient Hebrew texts that were almost destroyed by fire over 1 700 years ago.

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The Evernote Cloud is moving to Google

The Evernote cloud is migrating to Google Cloud Platform. In itself, it isn't particularly interesting for users but there could be some cool features down the line.

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Facing a blank page

Staring at a blank page and being unable to fill it with something intelligible is a common experience of writer’s block, the bane of most writers.

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Sabra is iconic Israeli fruits that became metaphors for born Israelis (my term for Israelis born in Israel, as opposed to immigrants like us). The plant itself apparently originated in Mexico. I’ve come across these prickly plants a number of times since…
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