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I like the concept, but it's very busy and cluttered. Maybe the glass could be in smaller shards, and have some more distinctive lighting for the foreground+title elements to separate them out better.
Also, it's very "IN 3D!"
Yup. Points taken. I did the glass in After Effects (shatter tool). I might try doing it in blender to get smaller shards. Ha! "in 3D!" Damned for not featuring blender enough; damned for being "too" 3D. Yup, might make it a bit more "painterly".
Oh yeah definitely do the shards in Blender. Improve the shards. I thought you already had. There's a Fracture script out there that might work.
Overall though I think the lighting/colors/composition could use some work. There's not a clear message on what to focus on. Some particular examples:
-The logo behind the title clashes with the ship since they're both the same color.
-The subtitle is creating it's own center of focus away from the title, and the ship, and the explosion and they're all kind of competing to see who can grab the eyes first. It doesn't help that the subtitle introduces that bluish color into the mix... there's already a lot going on.
I just think the thing as a whole could use some more cohesion.
Those are good points +Mikhail P. Schalk . Love the work you've put into this one Paul ! - though the title also gets a little lost because of the similarity in colour/tones between the title and the subject matter. (Or perhaps simply because of their proximity).
If you break down the colours into their most basic forms, you've got the rust colouring of the symbol behind 'Pandeia' quite similar to the vehicle near it - and the honey colour of Pandeia lettering quite similar to the shattered shards of glass.
Not that that's a problem! The similarity in colour palettes between the title and the artwork can be what makes a cover look brilliant (eg. almost any Green Lantern cover).
But I agree with Mikhail, if you could somehow separate the title from the artwork (or focal points of the artwork) just a touch more, then you give more breathing space to both elements (the title and the art) to balance them out.
Can't wait to read this issue in print !!!
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