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paula heard
"Almost" an empty nester, living in my own heaven on earth in Canada!
"Almost" an empty nester, living in my own heaven on earth in Canada!

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very interesting info..
HEADS UP... Before you share photos online, watch this video by guerillabill <>

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2 min power pose....."fake it, till you become it."   So simple yet so powerful...great video!

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Great Talk!....time to play..

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Way toooo Funny!!

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Definitely something for everyone here......

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Great Site!! A wealth of information...

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I think this is great! Checking BMI may be a little much, but 18.5 is low...I bet the models are loving this! Finally the human body can be celebrated for the way it really is, curvy and beautiful, not
Israel requires a warning label on models made skinny with Photoshop!

Israel passed a law yesterday banning the employment of "underweight" models in advertising, and requiring publications to disclose when they've used Photoshop to make people look thinner in pictures.

Models are now required to get a doctor to state that their body mass index is at least 18.5 before they're allowed to pose for photos professionally.

The laws are intended to slow with the rise of anorexia and bulimia, especially among young girls.

Is this too heavy handed, or should other governments follow Israel's example?

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These Ads are hillarious!!! LOL

via +Mark van Geyzel

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For all you Nutella lovers!!!
via Reddit, samaddams

Just scope out the stem and add nutella...yummy!
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