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Patrick Shuff
I love linux and python.
I love linux and python.

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What is this?  Where am i?

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Hey, people --  share this with the sysadmins in your company!

The OLF Institute offers sysadmin classes from professional instructors at a price your boss will approve.   Only $350 for a day of classes from instructors from Red Hat, the Linux Foundation, Cloudera, and more!  That's a value of $1000 or more.  Plus it comes with free admittance to all the talks and the Expo on Saturday.

And if you think, "But I'm not in Ohio!" -- we get people who come from all over the US and The Magical Land of Canadia for our weekend of Open Source Goodness.  Even with travel and (relatively inexpensive) hotel, it's still a cheaper trip than most other training events.

Purchased a 64GB SSD for my laptop....pretty excited about it!

I don't normally strace pids...but when I do, I do it on production java processes.....

So sad I missed PyOhio for the second year in a row!!  Very disappointed in myself :(

cannot believe how much fedora differs from rhel6.....totally throwing me off :(

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